Thursday, June 13, 2019

Trump: Will take damaging info on 2020 rivals from foreign agents  da  de  fr  nl  no  pl  sl

US President Donald Trump has said he would see nothing wrong in accepting damaging information on a political opponent in the coming 2020 presidential elections if it were offered by a foreign government. Asked in an interview with ABC News on Wednesday if he would accept the information or alert the FBI, Trump said: "I think maybe you do both.

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7 days before.

House Democrats don’t have a majority for impeachment, but support is growing Similarity: 0.32

6 days before.

Donald Trump's sons arrive in Ireland to a hero's welcome Similarity: 0.49

Top Russian internet firm reportedly under pressure on data Similarity: 0.30

3 days before.

Justice Department agrees to hand over underlying evidence for Mueller report Similarity: 0.45

Iran-Russia strategic relations of key significance in context of US sanctions — diplomat Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Donald Trump, traveling to Iowa, says Joe Biden is 'weak mentally' Similarity: 0.35

3 days after.

Russia dismisses accusations of meddling in EU elections: newspaper Similarity: 0.48

4 years in, Trump fondly recalls Trump Tower campaign launch Similarity: 0.68

4 days after.

Ford Plant Closures In Russia Mean Mass Layoffs, Protests Over Pay Similarity: 0.46

6 days after.

Trump launches 2020 reelection campaign, says he will run as outsider Similarity: 0.63

7 days after.

Pompeo ups pressure on Russia over four MH17 accused Similarity: 0.30

Hicks rebuffs questions on Trump White House in interview Similarity: 0.41


Trump: Jeg vil tage imod, hvis fremmede magter tilbyder info om en politisk modstander Similarity: 0.57


Präsidentschaftswahl: Donald Trump würde Informationen anderer Staaten über Rivalen annehmen Similarity: 0.58


Preneur d'aide étrangère pour attaquer ses rivaux, Trump suscite un tollé Similarity: 0.63

Manif et arrestations musclées à Moscou Similarity: 0.35


Trump: verleiding om ‘dirt’ over tegenstanders aan te nemen is moeilijk te weerstaan Similarity: 0.67

Rusland VS sturen duizend extra militairen naar Polen Polen had verzocht om militaire versterking vanuit de Verenigde Staten vanwege toegenomen spanningen met Rusland. Similarity: 0.43

Witte Huis-woordvoerder Sarah Huckabee Sanders stapt op Similarity: 0.31


Trump om å få informasjon fra utenlandske makter: - Det er ikke noe galt i å lytte Similarity: 0.31


Deputowany Rady Federacji: Polska może być celem w razie ataku na Rosję Similarity: 0.38

Tomasz Arabski skazany za niedopełnienie obowiązków Similarity: 0.31


Med protestom v Moskvi aretiran opozicijski voditelj Navalni Similarity: 0.39

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