Sunday, February 10, 2019

Afghan official says air raids kill 21 civilians  fa  pl

Air raids in Afghanistan 's southern Helmand province have killed 21 civilians, including women and children, Afghan officials said. Mohammad Hashim Alkozai, a senator from Helmand, said 13 civilians were killed in one air raid and eight in another. Both were carried out late on Friday in the Sangin....

aljazeera-en 5:20:00 PM CET

6 days before.

New York Times calls for end to war in Afghanistan Similarity: 0.82

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US promised Taliban to pullout half of troops from Afghanistan by end of April Similarity: 0.74

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Taliban and ISIS-K men killed in operations Similarity: 0.81

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U.S. Envoy: 'Long Way To Go' Before Peace Deal With Afghan Taliban Similarity: 0.80

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Fears of ISIL regrouping in Afghanistan after Syria defeat Similarity: 0.83

5 days after.

NATO Weighs Future of Afghan Mission, Seeks To Support Talks Similarity: 0.68


خلیلزاد: ملا برادر به دستور امریکا از زندان آزاد شد Similarity: 0.39


Polska za 414 mln dolarów kupi od USA system wyrzutni HIMARS. Podpisanie umowy w środę Similarity: 0.38

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