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Barack Obama calls Donald Trump 'engaging and gregarious'  ar  bg  de  fa  fr  nl  pt  ru  sv  hu  ro

While Trump was, for years, a political thorn in Obama's side – as one of the peddlers of the 'birther' conspiracy theory that suggested the country's first black president wasn't born in the United States, the two men met just two days after the election and have been in conversation since. Obama called the chats 'cordial.

dailymail 8:58:00 PM CET

This cluster belong to the following story: Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea, killing 92

Keywords: Russia, Syria, United states, Iran / Bashar Assad, Vladimir Putin / russian, syrian, aleppo, government, rebel

Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

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Trump claims to have more information on Russian hacking Similarity: 0.84

Obama Plans Farewell Speech From Chicago Similarity: 0.35

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FIS president opposed to suspending Russian ski team over doping scandal Similarity: 0.61

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Le Pen woos Putin in her quest for campaign funds Similarity: 0.75

Transition Briefing: Trump Quotes Assange, Says WikiLeaks Did Not Get Emails From Russia Similarity: 0.73

First Day of New US Congress Overshadowed by Ethics Panel Spat Similarity: 0.34

Trump announces his first news conference since July Similarity: 0.31

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Top U.S. intelligence officials will make the case on Russia hacking to a skeptical Donald Trump Similarity: 0.84

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U.S. intelligence says Putin wanted to damage Hillary Clinton, help Donald Trump Similarity: 0.89

Theresa May sent her two closest aides to meet Donald Trump after he backed Nigel Farage Similarity: 0.36

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Trump says hacking had 'no effect' on his election Similarity: 0.92

1 day after.

US warns Europe on Russian election hacking Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

Russian embassy trolls UK prime minister with Pepe cartoon Similarity: 0.71

3 days after.

Trump assails US intelligence agencies over Russian dossier Similarity: 0.89

Secretary of state nominee says risk of climate change does exist Similarity: 0.39

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Foul play by Russians cannot be ruled out Similarity: 0.88

Trump's Pentagon nominee says Russia is #1 security threat to U.S. Similarity: 0.39

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Rex Tillerson Appears to Be Good News for Russia Similarity: 0.80

New details on how the Trump intelligence story came to life Similarity: 0.60

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Trump team confirms advisor's call with Russian envoy Similarity: 0.85

Trump unleashes Twitter attack against congressional critic Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

Over 900 terrorists seeking to enter Russia from abroad exposed in 2016 Similarity: 0.86


ترامب: معارضو إقامة علاقة جيدة مع روسيا حمقى أو أغبياء Similarity: 0.43


Тръмп: Само глупаци биха помислили, че добри отношения с Русия са нещо лошо Similarity: 0.38

New York Times: Липсват твърди доказателства за руските кибератаки Similarity: 0.32


Detroit: Größte US-Automesse im Schatten von Trump Similarity: 0.38


شمخانی: تجربه قرارگاه عملیاتی مشترک دمشق-تهران-مسکو قابل تعمیم به منطقه است Similarity: 0.39


16h10 Obama reconnaît avoir "sous-estimé" l'impact des piratages russes (AFP) Similarity: 0.68

Selon Jean-Yves Le Drian, 24 000 cyberattaques ont été déjouées en 2016 Similarity: 0.37

Des centaines de cyclistes bravent les records de froids à Moscou Similarity: 0.37


Mínusz 30 fokot mértek Moszkvában Similarity: 0.34

Kimondatott: Putyin parancsára orosz hekkerek avatkoztak be az amerikai elnökválasztásba Similarity: 0.54

Putyinék az EBESZ-t is meghekkeltették? Similarity: 0.38


‘Trump erkent Russische rol in hacks’ Similarity: 0.41


De Trump para a Rússia com amor, apesar das tensões com Moscovo Similarity: 0.57


Trump: Numai proștii se opun unor relații bune cu Rusia Similarity: 0.38


Трамп настроен на сближение США и России Similarity: 0.32

08.01.2017 23:01 : Эштон Картер: Россия внесла «нулевой» вклад в борьбу США с террористической группировкой «Исламское государство» Similarity: 0.31

Путин поздравил Марину Неелову с юбилеем Similarity: 0.32

Ранивший бойцов Росгвардии стрелок-самоубийца был пьян и стрелял из чужого оружия Similarity: 0.30

Оставит в земле смертоносные штаммы: Боровой назвал главную особенность путинского режима Similarity: 0.30

В Новосибирске хулиганы избили и насильно подстригли длинноволосого анимешника Similarity: 0.32

Со следующего года Росгвардия станет получать на вооружение стреляющий под водой автомат Similarity: 0.31


18 min Riktar misstankarna mot Ryssland. Similarity: 0.56

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