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FIS president opposed to suspending Russian ski team over doping scandal  bg  fr  nl  sl  ru

MOSCOW, January 3. /TASS/. President of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Gian-Franco Kasper, has spoken out against banning Russia’s national team from the competitions over the doping scandal. "We should not suspend those who are innocent," the Dutschlandfunk website quotes him as saying.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Russian military plane crashes in Black Sea, killing 92

Keywords: Russia, Syria, United states, Iran / Bashar Assad, Vladimir Putin / russian, syrian, aleppo, government, rebel

Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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"The flaps, hell" - the last words of Russian plane crew Similarity: 0.85

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New Syria ceasefire deal comes into effect Similarity: 0.33

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U.N. Security Council council welcomes Syria ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey Similarity: 0.34

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Trump claims to have more information on Russian hacking Similarity: 0.59

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Top U.S. intelligence officials will make the case on Russia hacking to a skeptical Donald Trump Similarity: 0.60

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U.S. intelligence says Putin wanted to damage Hillary Clinton, help Donald Trump Similarity: 0.63

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Предлагат звезда на Лудогорец на ЦСКА (Москва) Similarity: 0.50

Съветник на Тръмп обяви, че Русия има връзка с хакерските атаки Similarity: 0.34

Съветник на Тръмп обяви, че Русия има връзка с хакерските атаки Similarity: 0.37


La Russie annule une étape du mondial de biathlon, Fourcade s'insurge Similarity: 0.49


Opinie Arend Jan Boekestijn De Russische militaire reus heeft lemen voeten Similarity: 0.47


Путин включил в состав президентского совета по физкультуре и спорту Колобкова и Золотова Спорт 3 января, 13:37 Similarity: 0.30

Путин поручил представить к концу марта доклад о деятельности НКО-иноагентов Similarity: 0.30

В Екатеринбурге сел самолет с неисправным двигателем Similarity: 0.31

Федерация бобслея России обнародовала фамилии четырех отстраненных скелетонистов Спорт 3 января, 13:41 Similarity: 0.30

Группа литераторов просит сообщить местонахождение Ильдара Дадина Similarity: 0.32


Sirski uporniki zaradi kršitev prekinitve ognja zamrznili pogovore o udeležbi na mirovni konferenci Similarity: 0.33

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