Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Latest: Russia's Lavrov warns Syrian rebels in Aleppo  de  es  fa  fr  nl  sl  tr  hu  ru

A Russian soldier checks a burned medical tent after rebels launched a mortar shell at a field hospital in west Aleppo, Syria, Monday, Dec. 5, 2016. Rebel shelling of the government-held part of Syria's Aleppo city Monday killed a Russian female nurse in a makeshift Russian hospital in the city, a Russian officer there said.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

Russia delivers 10 tons of humanitarian aid to areas in Hama, Homs and Aleppo Similarity: 0.76

6 days before.

Syria war: UN holds emergency meeting on Aleppo's 'descent into hell' Similarity: 0.75

Putin: Trump agrees US-Russia relations 'must be straightened out' Similarity: 0.61

5 days before.

The Latest: Rights groups seek UN action over Syria deaths Similarity: 0.75

Putin says ready for cooperation with new U.S. leadership Similarity: 0.63

Russian space cargo ship destroyed after launch Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Russia not serious in talks with Syrian rebels: opposition official Similarity: 0.83

Financial Times: Russia on alert for foreign cyberattack on financial system Similarity: 0.59

3 days before.

Fall of Aleppo will not end the war, EU chief says Similarity: 0.73

Russia, Japan plan to ease reciprocal visa regime Similarity: 0.49

2 days before.

Syrian rebel commander in Aleppo seriously wounded, rebels say Similarity: 0.74

1 day before.

Russia, China veto UN Security Council resolution on Aleppo ceasefire Similarity: 0.93

1 day after.

Rebels seek ceasefire with Syrian army closer to retaking Aleppo (Updated) Similarity: 0.91

St. Petersburg opens first fan-ID center ahead of 2017, 2018 FIFA Cups in Russia Similarity: 0.59

2 days after.

Ignoring "last distress call" from rebel ground, Assad vows to press on Similarity: 0.80

Democrats wants 9/11-style bipartisan commission to investigate alleged Russian interference in the elections Similarity: 0.70

3 days after.

Russia says Syria army halts Aleppo attacks as rebels cornered Similarity: 0.79

Doping-Reaction to McLaren report into Russian doping Similarity: 0.43

4 days after.

Syria: Kerry, diplomats seek help for Aleppo's opposition Similarity: 0.80

CIA says Russia intervened to help Trump win White House Similarity: 0.45

New doping report details 'institutional conspiracy' in Russia Similarity: 0.45

5 days after.

Trump calls 'ridiculous' reports Russia helped him in U.S. election Similarity: 0.47

The Latest: Syria official says he fears for Palmyra's ruins Similarity: 0.75

6 days after.

Reports: Aleppo neighborhood retaken by Syrian forces Similarity: 0.76

A coming thaw Similarity: 0.44

7 days after.

White House rips Trump for questioning the source of cyber attacks on Democrats Similarity: 0.44

Under siege Similarity: 0.74

Russia loses right to host World Champs Similarity: 0.33


Lawrow wirft USA Scheitern geplanter Syrien-Gespräche vor Similarity: 0.47


Rusia acusa a EEUU de rechazar hablar "seriamente" de Siria Similarity: 0.46


تیتر روزنامه های روسیه، سه شنبه 16 قوس 95 Similarity: 0.37


Le régime s'empare de nouveaux quartiers rebelles Similarity: 0.55

La Russie adopte une doctrine de cybersécurité Similarity: 0.44


A NATO és az Európai Unió összehangolja stratégiáját Similarity: 0.31

Meteorit robbant fel a szibériai Hakaszföld felett Similarity: 0.31


Syrië accepteert geen gevechtspauze Aleppo als rebellen blijven Similarity: 0.63


10:14 Путин принял новую доктрину информационной безопасности Similarity: 0.30

Путин заявил о недопустимости "эрозии" Конституции Similarity: 0.30


Rusija in Kitajska vložili veto na ZN-resolucijo o Alepu Similarity: 0.38


Halep için ölümcül pazarlık Similarity: 0.33

Medvedev: Ankara ile Suriye diyalogunu yeniden başlattık Similarity: 0.31

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