Monday, December 5, 2016

Beijing faces decision on how to respond to Donald Trump tweets  ar  da  de  es  fa  fr  nl  no  pt  ru  sv

BEIJING (AP) Chinese leaders face a challenge: How to deal with Donald Trump. Weeks before taking office, the incoming American president is riling Beijing with confrontation and online statements that appear to foreshadow a tougher foreign policy toward China.

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This cluster belong to the following story: China tells G20 to avoid 'empty talk', cure global economy

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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China's national pension fund appoints four custodian banks Similarity: 0.88

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China's non-manufacturing PMI grows at faster pace Similarity: 0.83

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China urges U.S. to abide by WTO anti-dumping agreement Similarity: 0.93

China Exonerates Man It Executed for Murder in 1995 Similarity: 0.39

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In Break With Policy, Trump Speaks to Taiwan President Similarity: 0.95

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Top Asian News 5:12 a.m. GMT Similarity: 0.95

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By accident or design, Trump signals tougher China policy Similarity: 0.95

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Taiwan call 'end of wishful thinking' about U.S.-China relations under Trump Similarity: 0.95

Asia-Pacific countries gear up for RCEP negotiations Similarity: 0.36

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Michael Jordan wins his Chinese name back Similarity: 0.86

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China voices strong opposition to US military ties with Taiwan Similarity: 0.91

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Chinese economy faces opportunities, challenges: economists Similarity: 0.93

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6 workers killed in central China railway accident Similarity: 0.93

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Donald Trump questions 'One China' policy Similarity: 0.96


ترامب ينتقد السياسات النقدية والعسكرية للصين Similarity: 0.46


Udland Kinesiske medier kritiserer Trump: Udstiller sin manglende erfaring Similarity: 0.48


Trump wettert erneut gegen China Similarity: 0.61


Trump abre la puerta a una crisis con China Similarity: 0.45


انتقاد توییتری ترامپ از چین Similarity: 0.34


USA-Chine : Trump attaque Pékin là où ça fait mal Similarity: 0.68


Amerika probeert China's woede te sussen na telefoonrel Trump Similarity: 0.59


Nye Trump-angrep mot Kina Similarity: 0.34


Trump usa Twitter para criticar políticas chinesas Similarity: 0.61


Трамп спровоцировал новый скандал в отношениях США с Китаем Similarity: 0.37


Trump går till Twitterangrepp mot Kina Similarity: 0.52

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