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UN 'unable to send Aleppo aid over ceasefire security'  de  fa  fr  it  nl  bg  hu  ru  sl

The United Nations cannot use Russia's announcement of an unilateral ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo to send aid into the besieged eastern area. Spokesman Jens Laerke said this is because necessary security assurances have not been given. Syrian government forces and Russia reportedly began....

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

Russia 'asks to resume air strikes' in eastern Aleppo as rebel offensive begins Similarity: 0.81

Donald Trump slams Hillary Clinton for 'speaking badly' of Vladimir Putin Similarity: 0.54

6 days before.

Syrian government forces hit back at insurgents with a series of airstrikes on Aleppo as incredible photographs of one blast in the city emerges Similarity: 0.80

Russian, US jets had near miss over Syria: US officials Similarity: 0.55

5 days before.

Dozens dead as rebels fight to break Aleppo siege Similarity: 0.77

3 days before.

Russia says Syria peace talks impossible in near future Similarity: 0.63

2 days before.

Russian authorities seal off Amnesty International office Similarity: 0.71

1 day before.

When Putin met Steven Seagal Similarity: 0.51

1 day after.

Syria Monitor: 74 Killed in 8 Days of Rebel Aleppo Offensive Similarity: 0.85

The Russians secretly dying for the Kremlin in Syria, report Similarity: 0.54

2 days after.

Fighting resumes in Aleppo Similarity: 0.50

3 days after.

Turkey warns against Kurdish takeover of Raqqa as ISIL capital faces encirclement Similarity: 0.47

4 days after.

Is Russia Trying to Influence the US Elections? Similarity: 0.51

Complexities of battle for Raqqa Similarity: 0.35

5 days after.

Putin says hopes Montenegro will maintain ties with Russia Similarity: 0.40

What does Trump's victory mean for the Middle East? Similarity: 0.69

6 days after.

Russian deputy foreign minister says Moscow was in contact with the Trump campaign Similarity: 0.45

“From Homeland’s Memory” exhibition sheds light on Syria’s oldest traditional handicrafts Similarity: 0.57

7 days after.

Russia to block LinkedIn over data domiciling issues Similarity: 0.46

Evidence of chemical weapons use found in Syria - Defense Ministry Similarity: 0.78


10-часова хуманитарна пауза в Алепо Similarity: 0.34


Konflikte: Neue Waffenruhe für Aleppo in Kraft getreten Similarity: 0.39


ورود ناوگان روسیه به دریای مدیترانه پیام روشن مسکو برای تروریست‌ها در سوریه است Similarity: 0.32

اسد: با همکاری ایران روسیه، داعش در حال عقب‌نشینی بود/ آمریکا عامل شکست آتش‌بس در حلب است Similarity: 0.31


15h15 Syrie/trêve: deux soldats russes "légèrement blessés" par des tirs rebelles près d'Alep (AFP) Similarity: 0.64

Poutine accorde la nationalité russe à l'acteur américain Steven Seagal Similarity: 0.34


Komolyan Trump hozhatna bizonságot a világban? Similarity: 0.40

Lelőttek egy orosz helikoptert Szíriában Similarity: 0.43


Kusturica, da Putin equilibrio nel mondo Similarity: 0.34


Poetin onthult standbeeld van Vladimir de Grote in Moskou Similarity: 0.31


04.11.2016 18:37 : 8 человек задержаны сегодня в Сегеже на акции протеста против пыток над заключенными местной колонии Similarity: 0.31


Portret tedna: Abu Bakr al Bagdadi Similarity: 0.38

V Alepu danes deseturno zatišje Similarity: 0.33

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