Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Syria rebels reject Aleppo withdrawal after Russian statement  ar  bg  da  de  es  fa  fr  it  nl  pl  pt  sl  sw  tr  hu  sv

A Russian serviceman walks past Russian Iskander-M missile launchers before a rehearsal for the Victory Day parade, with the Moscow International Business Center also known as "Moskva-City" seen in the background, at a range in Moscow, Russia, May 5, 2016.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Syrian truce receives new blows with deadly air strikes

Keywords: United states, Russia, Syria, Iran / Islamic State, Bashar Assad / russian, syrian, iranian, aleppo

Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

Andrew Mitchell: Protection from Russia must be exerted Similarity: 0.77

6 days before.

Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war Similarity: 0.88

5 days before.

Aleppo bombings kill more civilians than rebel fighters Similarity: 0.88

4 days before.

Russian rouble volatility seen unchanged in October - central bank Similarity: 0.92

3 days before.

Syria peace talks in Lausanne end: US official Similarity: 0.76

Russia to respond to CIA plans for hacker attacks against its leadership - Kremlin aide Similarity: 0.59

Many die in India stampede on way to Hindu religious event Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

Election being rigged at polling locations - Trump Similarity: 0.73

Lausanne meeting on crisis in Syria concluded Similarity: 0.70

1 day before.

Russia and Syria plan 'temporary halt' to Aleppo siege Similarity: 0.85

UK 'blocks bank accounts' of Russia's state-run RT broadcaster Similarity: 0.44

1 day after.

Russia announces pause in Aleppo bombing as 'goodwill' gesture Similarity: 0.93

Thousands attend funeral of pro-Russia warlord 'Motorola' in Ukraine Thousands of people have turned out for the funeral of a... Similarity: 0.32

FBI helps Czech police nab suspected Russian hacker Similarity: 0.30

Putin agrees to appoint ex-sports minister Russia's vice premier Similarity: 0.37

2 days after.

Syria army urges residents to quit Aleppo as ceasefire begins Similarity: 0.82

Russia agrees to armed OSCE monitors in Ukraine's east Similarity: 0.39

3 days after.

EU leaders stop short of sanctioning Russia over Aleppo Similarity: 0.90

5 days after.

Fighting intensifies in Syria's Aleppo Similarity: 0.67

6 days after.

Sergey Ivanov: Russia is ready to open new page in relations with U.S. after elections Similarity: 0.71

7 days after.

UPDATE 3-Moscow denies Russian or Syrian air strikes on Aleppo in past week Similarity: 0.91


باتروشيف: الولايات المتحدة أطالت عمداً المباحثات مع روسيا حول الأ... Similarity: 0.31

روسيا تعلن وقف قصف حلب تمهيدا لهدنة الخميس Similarity: 0.31


Русия обяви "хуманитарна пауза" в Алепо Similarity: 0.47

Москва и Дамаск обявиха "хуманитарни паузи" в обстрела на Алепо Similarity: 0.35


Rusland og Syrien stopper bomber over Aleppo Similarity: 0.59

Syrien beskylder USA for at hjælpe IS-krigere til Syrien Similarity: 0.33


Russland und Syrien unterbrechen Luftangriffe auf Aleppo Similarity: 0.38


Rusia y Siria anuncian un cese de sus bombardeos y operaciones en Alepo Similarity: 0.52


روسیه و سوریه حملات هوایی خود به حلب را متوقف کردند Similarity: 0.41


Moscou annonce un arrêt des raids aériens syriens et russes à Alep Similarity: 0.54

Crise ukrainienne : un sommet Berlin, Paris, Moscou, Kiev mercredi Similarity: 0.38

La collection Chtchoukine: un parcours mouvementé Similarity: 0.34


Felfüggesztették az aleppói légitámadásokat Similarity: 0.43


Siria: la Russia interrompe i bombardamenti su Aleppo Similarity: 0.57


Gevechtspauze in Aleppo met twee dagen vervroegd Similarity: 0.59


Syria: Siły rosyjskie i syryjskie wstrzymują naloty na Aleppo Similarity: 0.31

Wyznanie Żony Asada. "Proponowano mi, bym uciekła z kraju" Similarity: 0.35


Bombardeamentos contra Alepo suspensos 48 horas antes da trégua humanitária Similarity: 0.61

Obama diz que Trump é "irresponsável" ao falar em fraude eleitoral Similarity: 0.30


Dirkaški fenomen otroškega obraza Similarity: 0.36

Ruske in sirske sile ustavile napade na Alep Similarity: 0.31


Eremenko får inte träna med CSKA Similarity: 0.34


Syria na Urusi zasitisha mashambulizi Aleppo Syria na Urusi zasitisha mashambulizi Aleppo Similarity: 0.37


Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan Putin ile görüştü Similarity: 0.36

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