Sunday, October 9, 2016

Night in the city, and the only sound is my stomach rumbling  da  es  fr  nl  pt  sv  sl

There’s a part of London called Camden that I’ve always tried to avoid. It’s the sort of place that smells quite strongly of weed and is full of small shops selling birdseed and things with skulls on them. On a Sunday morning, people with dirty hair and unusual diets take their guitars to the nearby....

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Start date: Sunday, October 9, 2016

7 days before.

Theresa May on EU free movement versus EU free trade Similarity: 0.79

Tottenham hands Man City 1st loss in EPL; United frustrated Similarity: 0.32

6 days before.

A Place at the Table Similarity: 0.77

5 days before.

'Hard Brexit' fears send pound to 31-year low against dollar Sterling plunged to a new 31-year low against the dollar on Tuesday as fears over a so-called "hard Brexit" intensified. Similarity: 0.47

4 days before.

Theresa May: I'll use power of state to build fairer Britain Similarity: 0.73

2 days before.

UK Shares Rise on Pound 'Flash Crash' but Other Markets Sink Similarity: 0.38

Bank of England says looking into cause of sharp fall of sterling Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Pound continues to fall against dollar amid 'hard Brexit' fears Similarity: 0.48

3 days after.

UPDATE 2-Sterling bounces off record trade-weighted low as MPs flex Brexit muscles Similarity: 0.58

4 days after.

230 topics Similarity: 0.56

6 days after.

Arsenal 3-2 Swansea City Similarity: 0.40

7 days after.

Boris Johnson's Pro-EU column is published for first time Similarity: 0.48


Superstjernen scorer, men Georgien rokker VM-kursen Similarity: 0.39

Udland Hævnporno: 14-årig nordirsk pige kan starte flodbølge af retssager mod Facebook Similarity: 0.39


Diez borrachos que estremecieron al mundo Similarity: 0.38


À la une ce lundi 10 octobre... Similarity: 0.43

Des leaders mondiaux dans les domaines de l'aviation et des avions de chasse participeront à un sommet de premier plan au Royaume-Uni Similarity: 0.37


Britse pond al minder waard dan euro op Britse luchthavens Similarity: 0.46


Governo britânico recua na intenção de listar trabalhadores estrangeiros Similarity: 0.59


Buble bo z naslednjim letom prevzel vodenje nagrad brit Similarity: 0.33

Samsungova enota za zdravila na borzo po dve milijardi dolarjev Similarity: 0.32


Oppositionen tvivlar på regeringssegern Similarity: 0.32

Wales nere på jorden igen Similarity: 0.31

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