Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli leaders, former US president Bill Clinton and crowds of mourners gathered outside parliament Thursday to pay last respects to Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, whose body was lying in state. A major security operation was being put in place ahead of Friday's funeral,....

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

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Occupation troops shoot, wound Palestinian with knife Similarity: 0.43

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Israel PM hopes Obama won't make final push for Palestinians Similarity: 0.66

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The Latest: Italy Calls Israel's Peres a 'Symbol of Peace' Similarity: 0.94

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Palestinian and Israeli leaders shake hands at Peres funeral Similarity: 0.94

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Barack Obama leads tributes to former Israeli leader Shimon Peres as world leaders bid him farewell Similarity: 0.92

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Hamas: We will continue our support for the intifada Similarity: 0.63

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Palestinian court orders local elections only in West Bank Similarity: 0.30

Abbas's farewell to Israel's Peres stirs controversy at home Similarity: 0.86

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US accuses Israel of betrayal over new settlements Similarity: 0.72


تشييع بيريس الجمعة بحضور قادة من العالم أجمع Similarity: 0.42

محكمة الاحتلال تمدد اعتقال الشاب أيمن الكرد بتهمة تنفيذ عملية طعن Similarity: 0.31


Netanyahu und Rivlin legten Kränze am Peres-Sarg nieder Similarity: 0.50


Israel rinde su último tributo a Simón Peres Similarity: 0.53


Obsèques de Shimon Peres en Israël : le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas sera présent Similarity: 0.62


Orbán is részt vesz Peresz temetésén Similarity: 0.44


M.O.: Cgil, tristezza e profonda commozione per morte Hammad Similarity: 0.31


Israël neemt afscheid van voormalig president Shimon Peres Similarity: 0.51


Mahmoud Abbas assistirá ao funeral de Shimon Peres Similarity: 0.61


Peres på lit de parade vid israeliska knesset Similarity: 0.32


Peres öldü Similarity: 0.42

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