Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Syrian government forces advance in Aleppo old city: monitoring group  ar  de  fa  fr  nl  pt  ru  sl  sv  tr

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said Syrian government forces advanced against rebels in the Old City of Aleppo on Tuesday as part of a major offensive launched last week. A senior rebel official in an Aleppo-based faction said there were clashes in the Suweiqa area of the city.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

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Donald Trump’s son likens Syrian refugees to bowl of poisoned Skittles Similarity: 0.30

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Syria war: John Kerry urges no-fly zones Similarity: 0.79

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The ceasefire unravels Similarity: 0.78

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Syria war: New strikes in Aleppo as Syria announces offensive Similarity: 0.87

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Syrian government seizes area in Aleppo attack, death toll climbs Similarity: 0.91

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Syria: UN Security Council to meet as government assault on Aleppo rages Similarity: 0.84

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Russia accused of barbarism and of war crimes in Aleppo, Syria Similarity: 0.84

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Syria's UN ambassador LAUGHS when asked about bombing of Aleppo's largest hospitals Similarity: 0.89

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Syria: US on verge of ending peace talks with Russia Similarity: 0.83

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Syria conflict: Russia 'driving rebels into hands of extremists' Similarity: 0.83

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Syria: Hospital attacked as regime makes gains in Aleppo Similarity: 0.93

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Putin suspends plutonium cleanup accord with US because of ‘unfriendly’ acts Similarity: 0.32

UN Chief Calls for End to Carnage in Syria, Especially Aleppo Similarity: 0.90

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British teams should BOYCOTT the 2018 football World Cup because Russia is 'mocking the world' with bloodshed in Syria, says Nick Clegg Similarity: 0.82

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Russia Accuses US of Siding With 'Terrorists' in Syria Similarity: 0.71


كاتب: أوباما شوّه صورة أميركا وحلب رمز لضعف إدارته Similarity: 0.40


Konflikte: Syriens Armee beginnt Bodenoffensive auf Rebellen in Aleppo Similarity: 0.49


آمریکا رهبری توطئه علیه سوریه را برعهده دارد Similarity: 0.41

ارتش سوریه حمله تروریست ها را دفع کرد/ پاکسازی مناطق غوطه شرقی Similarity: 0.31


Alep : Moscou dénonce les accusations « inadmissibles » des Occidentaux Similarity: 0.66


Regeringsleger Syrië rukt op in Aleppod Similarity: 0.60


Exército sírio avança em Alepo Similarity: 0.58


Сирийские войска потеснили повстанцев в Алеппо Similarity: 0.37


Sirska vojska začela kopensko ofenzivo na Alep Similarity: 0.34


Stor regimoffensiv mot östra Aleppo Similarity: 0.49


'Halep için öfkelen' çağrısı Similarity: 0.38

Suriye'de yaralanan 3 asker, Kilis'e getirildi Similarity: 0.31

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