Friday, September 9, 2016

British-Iranian mum detained in Iran has been jailed for five years, husband says  de  fa  hu

A British- Iranian mother who has been detained in Iran for more than 150 days has been jailed for five years, her husband said. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, from Hampstead, north-west London, was sentenced on charges that "remain secret", Richard Ratcliffe said.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

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Britain appoints first ambassador to Iran since 2011 Similarity: 0.79

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Oil slips 2 percent as hopes for production freeze wane Similarity: 0.77

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Unfinished metro tunnel collapses in Iran, 3 workers dead Similarity: 0.82

HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS Leaked report urges Britain to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia over war crimes in Yemen GOVERNMENT faces pressure amid claims that international humanitarian law has been breached Similarity: 0.33

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Iran Begins Construction on 2nd Nuclear Power Plant Similarity: 0.81

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Iran's official says U.S. should leave Persian Gulf Similarity: 0.77


Iran - Iran: Zehntausende protestieren gegen Saudi-Arabien Similarity: 0.41


پدافند هوایی در ۳۷۰۰نقطه ایران مستقر است /اسماعیلی: دشمن از استقرار اس 300 در ایران هراس دارد Similarity: 0.35

پیام تسلیت سید حسن خمینی به فرمانده کل ارتش Similarity: 0.35

متن کامل گزارش آمانو در راستای قطعنامه ۲۲۳۱ Similarity: 0.37

باید حریم خصوصی آحاد جامعه در فضای مجازی حفظ شود Similarity: 0.34


Repülőn hozta az tandíjat Pécsre, csempésznek nézték Similarity: 0.33

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