Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ash Carter: 'Clear Ambition' by Russia to Erode World Order  ar  bg  da  fa  fr  pt  hu  pl  sl  tr

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Wednesday that Russia "has clear ambition to erode the principled international order" through coercion and aggression. "Russia appears driven by misguided ambition and misplaced fear," Carter said in a speech to students at Oxford University.

ABCnews 5:07:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

5 days before.

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Putin: Russia ready for decisive steps to resolve island dispute with Japan Similarity: 0.72

Putin urges caution in dealings with N Korea Similarity: 0.33

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US, Russia close on Syria deal, but Obama says not there yet Similarity: 0.63

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Obama and Putin agree to keep working on US-Russian effort for cease-fire agreement in Syria Similarity: 0.68

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Putin lays flowers at Uzbek strongman's grave Similarity: 0.34

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US says Russian jet flew 10ft from plane over Black Sea Similarity: 0.91

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US-Russia talks go ahead in Geneva renewing hope for a ceasefire in Syria Similarity: 0.46

Donald Trump gives interview to Larry King on Kremlin-backed Russia Today and casts doubt on report Moscow plans to interfere with U.S. elections Similarity: 0.36

A Crystallizing Russo-Chinese Alliance Similarity: 0.80

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Syria ceasefire deal explained Similarity: 0.63

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Turkey 'has duty' to defeat Islamic State group in Syria Similarity: 0.42

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Assad vows to retake whole of Syria ahead of ceasefire Similarity: 0.47

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Syria war: Cessation of hostilities 'holding' as it enters first full day Similarity: 0.39

3 killed, 15 injured in eastern Ukraine Similarity: 0.32

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Syria ceasefire: Aleppo district 'pulverised' Similarity: 0.56

France tells Ukraine 'no plan B' to ending war Similarity: 0.36

Russia minister denies links to Serena, Biles... Similarity: 0.51


نتنياهو يؤجل لقاء عباس Similarity: 0.30

بالفيديو – حادث مروع يحطم سيارة الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين Similarity: 0.30


България няма да подкрепи отмяна на санкциите на ЕС срещу Русия, отсече Митов Similarity: 0.42

Хилари Клинтън по-скоро би вечеряла с Путин, отколкото с Тръмп Similarity: 0.36


Russisk kampfly tæt på kollision med amerikansk spionfly Similarity: 0.40


آمریکا: امیدی به توافق با روسیه بر سر آتش‎بس در سوریه نیست Similarity: 0.32


Un chasseur russe approche un avion militaire américain Similarity: 0.53

Syrie: John Kerry court après la Russie pour arracher un accord Similarity: 0.39


Putyin kész találkozni Porosenkóval Similarity: 0.35

Elveszítheti Oroszország a 2021-es sílövő-vb rendezési jogát Similarity: 0.31


Szef Pentagonu: Rosja podważa światowy ład Similarity: 0.38

Uczniowie na seansach "Smoleńska"? Zalewska: Powiedziałam tylko, że warto obejrzeć Similarity: 0.38


EUA: Hillary perde terreno ao ritmo com que Trump perde apoios Similarity: 0.33


Bratož prevzema vodenje dobavne in proizvodne verige v Avtovazu Similarity: 0.35


Turuçgil üreticisi Rusya'dan haber bekliyor Similarity: 0.32

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