Sunday, August 14, 2016

Iran Olympic protest: Woman asked to take down sign  fa

Image copyright AP Image caption Darya Safai cried briefly during her protest 'because it hurts' A female Iranian activist who held a protest banner during a volleyball match at the Rio Olympics was asked to take it down and leave by security staff. Darya Safai's sign read: "Let Iranian women enter their stadiums.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

Iranian nuclear scientist executed for US spying Similarity: 0.80

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Pokémon GO mobile game banned in Iran over 'security concerns' Similarity: 0.80

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Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran pledge to enhance cooperation Similarity: 0.38

Emails show Clinton, aides in touch with Morgan Stanley exec, Clinton Foundation official Similarity: 0.34

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Iran’s oil output rises 12,000 bpd in July: OPEC Similarity: 0.73

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Iranian Official Says at Least 400 Fighters Killed in Syria Similarity: 0.75

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Iran arrests dual national over UK 'spy links' Similarity: 0.81

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Russia's Defense Ministry Says Its Warplanes Have Taken off From Iran for Another Wave of Airstrikes on IS in Syria Similarity: 0.37

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Russia’s bombers make third raid from airdrome in Iran to attack IS Similarity: 0.56

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Iran unveils new Bavar 373 missile defence system Similarity: 0.76

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State Department: We make no apologies for using $400 million as 'leverage' with Iran Similarity: 0.71


وزنه برداری المپیک ریو/درخشش دومین مدال طلا بر سینه سهراب مرادی Similarity: 0.40

سوریان 7-0 جلو بود اما ضربه فنی شد/ خداحافظی سوریان با کشتی Similarity: 0.34

ایجاد اشتغال وظیفه ای ملی Similarity: 0.31

یک کانال تعطیل‌شده دیگر به آنتن بازگشت Similarity: 0.33

رشد اقتصادی به یکباره ۴.۴ درصد شد Similarity: 0.30

اضافه شدن بانک سینا به سامانه تسهیلات قرض‌الحسنه ازدواج Similarity: 0.30

سرورهای تلگرام در راه ایران Similarity: 0.33

فاطمه هاشمی‌: پدرم از روحانی عبور نمی‎کند Similarity: 0.30

دلیل خودسوزی مقابل ساختمان شورای شهرتهران Similarity: 0.30

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