Friday, February 19, 2016

US seeks to force Apple to help unlock iPhone in attacks probe  bg  da  de  fr  it  nl  pl  pt  ru  sl  sv  hu

Washington (AFP) - The US Justice Department asked Friday for a court order to compel Apple to help unlock an iPhone as part of the probe into last year's San Bernardino attacks, escalating the legal battle over encryption. "The order does not, as Apple's public statement alleges, require Apple to....

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Keywords: FBI, Justice Department / security, san, encryption, iphone, court, federal, privacy, data, government, company, phone

Start date: Friday, February 19, 2016

1 day before.

EFF, ACLU, and Amnesty International voice support for Apple in FBI battle Similarity: 0.90

1 day after.

Gunman's iCloud Passcode Changed While in Gov't's Possession Similarity: 0.90

3 days after.

FBI Director Denies Wanting To Create A Backdoor Into The iPhone Similarity: 0.75

4 days after.

UPDATE 1-U.S. sought data from 15 Apple iPhones in last four months Similarity: 0.86

5 days after.

- Apple is backed by Americans and concerns for security in its battle with the FBI Similarity: 0.82

6 days after.

Apple CEO speaks out on refusing iPhone court order Similarity: 0.86

Facebook, Google and Amazon will back Apple in court (updated) Similarity: 0.49

7 days after.

Apple fires legal salvo at FBI for using All Writs law in iPhone brouhaha Backdooring OS is too hard, too dangerous, and a slippery slope, new motion claims Similarity: 0.90


Как Тим Кук се осмели да поведе битка срещу ФБР Similarity: 0.34


Frans Nielsen sikrer Islanders et point mod topholdet Similarity: 0.33


Donald Trump ruft zum Apple-Boykott auf Similarity: 0.60

Wall Street: Anleger bleiben nach Erholungsrally vorsichtig Similarity: 0.38

"Den Facebook-Chef nicht auf Twitter anbetteln" Similarity: 0.37

IWF: Lagarde bleibt Chefin des Währungsfonds Similarity: 0.36

Angriff auf DHL: Amazon plant eigene Packstationen in Deutschland Similarity: 0.34

Abgasskandal - VW-Büros in Südkorea durchsucht Similarity: 0.34

Volkswagen und das Abgas: VW nennt neue Termine für Diesel-Rückrufe Similarity: 0.32

Wahlkampf - Donald Trump, der Papst und die Mauern Similarity: 0.32

Gut gewann Abfahrt in La Thuile vor Hütter - Vonn gestürzt Similarity: 0.30


Donald Trump appelle au boycott d'Apple Similarity: 0.67

Amazon achète les droits du prochain film de Woody Allen Similarity: 0.38

Procès d'un tueur en série présumé Similarity: 0.37

Harper Lee, l'auteur de "Ne tirez pas sur l'oiseau moqueur", est morte Similarity: 0.34

Rihanna, malade, repousse le début de sa tournée mondiale "Anti" Similarity: 0.33

Fashion Week de New York : Lady Gaga défile en Marc Jacobs Similarity: 0.32


Kínában is megjelent az Apple Pay Similarity: 0.44


Primarie Usa, prima causa contro Ted Cruz per cittadinanza Similarity: 0.40


Paus spreekt zich uit over zikavirus en Donald Trump VRT vod Paus spreekt zich uit over zikavirus en Donald Trump Similarity: 0.43

Schrijfster Harper Lee (89) overleden Similarity: 0.37


Klimat podejrzeń, polowania na czarownice i otwieranie starych ran. Światowa prasa o Wałęsie Similarity: 0.31


Apple pede desculpa e lança atualização para corrigir o 'erro 53' Similarity: 0.55

Morreu Harper Lee, a autora de Não Matem a Cotovia Similarity: 0.35


Facebook и Twitter поддержали отказ Apple помочь ФБР Similarity: 0.35


Anže Kopitar se je poškodoval Similarity: 0.34


USA-myndigheter mutanklagar Telia Similarity: 0.30

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