Friday, January 29, 2016

U.S., British spies hacked Israeli air force: Report  ar  fa  fr  tr  hu

Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden. The United States and Britain have monitored secret sorties and communications by Israel’s air force in a hacking operation dating back to 1998, according to documents attributed to leaks by former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Deadly shooting strikes Tel Aviv bar

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Start date: Saturday, November 28, 2015

7 days before.

Israel forces evict Jewish settlers from West Bank buildings Similarity: 0.86

6 days before.

Palestinian teen tries to stab Israeli guard, shot dead: police Similarity: 0.70

5 days before.

Palestinian girl who was shot dead is laid to rest on the West Bank Similarity: 0.85

4 days before.

US Envoy to Israel Says His Criticism Was Poorly Timed Similarity: 0.87

2 days before.

Road project puts Israel, EU on collision course Similarity: 0.79

Israel to reveal previously unpublished Eichmann papers Similarity: 0.39

1 day before.

Israeli special forces soldier is jailed for killing a camel in a drive-by shooting as his friend filmed him Similarity: 0.86

Cyprus, Israel and Greece agree to strengthen ties, discuss natural gas pipeline (update 2) Similarity: 0.40

1 day after.

Thousands of Palestinians mourn for seven Hamas members who died when a tunnel they were in collapsed Similarity: 0.90

2 days after.

West Bank shooting wounds 3 Israeli soldiers, attacker killed Similarity: 0.83

3 days after.

UN chief Ban tells Israel 'don't shoot the messenger' Similarity: 0.85

4 days after.

Canada: Is it still 'good for the Jews'? Similarity: 0.78

5 days after.

Palestinians Kill Israeli Officer Before Being Shot Dead Similarity: 0.75

6 days after.

Two Israelis jailed for burning Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive Similarity: 0.80

7 days after.

Abu Khdair’s family condemns sentences against murderers of their son Similarity: 0.81


مقتل 7 عناصر من حماس في انهيار نفق في شرق غزة Similarity: 0.34


جاسوسی آمریکا و انگلیس از داده‌های پهپادهای اسرائیل Similarity: 0.31


L'ONU intercepte un vautour présumé espion israélien au Liban Similarity: 0.36


Izraeli drónokat figyelhetett meg Washington és London Similarity: 0.35


İsrail'den Yunanistan'ı kızdıracak açıklama Similarity: 0.32

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