Monday, March 16, 2015

Thousands rally in Tel Aviv in support of Israeli right wing ahead of Tuesday’s election  de  fr  it

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL—Thousands of people rallied in Tel Aviv on Sunday in support of Israel’s hard-line, right-wing parties, as Israel’s prime minister entered a last-minute push to close a gap with his main challenger just days before the elections. Latest polls have shown that Prime Minister Benjamin....

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Start date: Sunday, February 22, 2015

7 days before.

Israeli PM appears to rule out the establishment of a Palestinian state Similarity: 0.79

4 days before.

Views from the Israeli voting booth Similarity: 0.86

3 days before.

Hezbollah deputy leader: Israel, US don't really oppose Islamic State Similarity: 0.74

2 days before.

Permalink to Israel election: Who are the key candidates? Similarity: 0.87

Bringing empathy to the Middle East through gaming Similarity: 0.38

1 day before.

High cost of living under fire ahead of Israeli vote Similarity: 0.80

1 day after.

Polls open in Israeli general election Similarity: 0.93

2 days after.

Netanyahu sweeps to victory in Israeli election; begins coalition talks Similarity: 0.90

3 days after.

Obama criticises Netanyahu's 'divisive rhetoric' Similarity: 0.85

4 days after.

Obama tells Netanyahu the U.S. will 'reassess' it's relationship with Israel after the newly reelected leader shifted his position on a peaceful two-state solution with Palestinians Similarity: 0.80

5 days after.

News Barney Frank: 'Frightened' about Netanyahu's impact Similarity: 0.84

6 days after.

President Obama to 'reconsider' Israel relationship Similarity: 0.76

Israel says arrests W.Bank Hamas cell planning attacks Similarity: 0.36

7 days after.

Pentagon Admits Israel Has the Bomb ـ Similarity: 0.85


Video: Vor Wahlen in Israel: Mitte-Links-Bündnis bringt Netanjahu in Bedrängnis Similarity: 0.59

Bücherschau: Leipziger Buchmesse endet mit Besucherrekord Similarity: 0.32


Israël : Isaac Herzog, le "fils de" qui fait vaciller Netanyahou Similarity: 0.69


Israele al voto, Netanyahu: "Se vinco nessuno Stato palestinese" Similarity: 0.61

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