Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Afghan interpreters to get UK visas  bg  da  de  fa  nl  sv

Up to 600 Afghan interpreters who worked alongside British troops are set to be given the right to live in the UK, under government plans.

bbc 1:23:00 AM CEST

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Start date: Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 days before.

NATO: 3 troops killed in Afghanistan attack Similarity: 0.84

6 days before.

Multiple deaths reported in Kabul suicide car bombing Similarity: 0.75

5 days before.

Bombs kill 9, wound 70 in Afghanistan Similarity: 0.84

4 days before.

Angry Afghan MPs halt debate on women's rights Similarity: 0.87

3 days before.

Afghan Police chief shot dead outside home Similarity: 0.83

Anger as Afghan MPs halt women's bill debate Similarity: 0.49

2 days before.

Suicide Bomber Kills 14 at Afghan Province Council Similarity: 0.70

1 day before.

Karzai to push for India defence aid Similarity: 0.83

2 days after.

Explosion shakes central Kabul Similarity: 0.76

3 days after.

Mosque blast kills 12 Similarity: 0.74

4 days after.

Aid group describes siege of Afghan compound Similarity: 0.78

5 days after.

Fighting season is testing ground for Afghan force Similarity: 0.80

6 days after.

Security forces kill 7 in Kabul after attack Similarity: 0.79

On Memorial Day, Obama reminds Americans of service members' sacrifice Similarity: 0.37

7 days after.

Afghan security rescues Red Cross staff Similarity: 0.77

UK set to return up to 90 Afghans held without charge at 'secret' facility in Camp Bastion Similarity: 0.49


Втората батальонна бойна група вече е готова за мисии Similarity: 0.35


Minister vil 'tage hånd om' tolke Similarity: 0.44


Afghanischer Präsident möchte 2014 aufhören: Karzai will "in Pension gehen" Similarity: 0.41


تعهد همکاری استراتژیک افغانستان و هند Similarity: 0.39


Afghaanse tolken krijgen visum Groot-Brittannië Similarity: 0.47

'Overspelige' legercommandant VS geschorst Similarity: 0.32


Tolkar får skydd i Storbritannien Similarity: 0.31

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