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IOA adjourns trial of MP for fourth time  de  fr  it  ar  da  pt

The Israeli Salem military court adjourned the case of detained MP Dr. Omar Abdelrazek for the fourth consecutive time on Wednesday.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

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Hague reveals fears for peace push Similarity: 0.40

Israel aims to head off strike over soaring prices (AFP) Similarity: 0.36

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U.S. says won't let Mideast change threaten Israel Similarity: 0.85

Gay shooting victim's partner won't be deported Similarity: 0.34

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Middle East leaders react nervously to Mubarak's defiance Similarity: 0.78

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How events unfolded on Egypt's portentous day Similarity: 0.39

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Israeli cabinet approves new army chief Similarity: 0.53

Troops move people out of Tahrir Square as officers join demonstrators Similarity: 0.32

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Egypt starts on the road to change Similarity: 0.36

Israel appoints Major General Benny Gantz as new IDF military chief (AHN) Similarity: 0.32

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Israel shuts four embassies after alert Similarity: 0.76

Israel urges Jordan to denounce minister Similarity: 0.47

EU's Ashton targets Palestinian state by September Similarity: 0.37

New Israeli army chief expresses confidence in facing new challenges (3) Similarity: 0.34

1 day after.

Palestinian vote can't be limited to W.Bank: Abbas (AFP) Similarity: 0.33

Egypt Suez Canal told Iran warship passing scrapped Similarity: 0.44

2 days after.

U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution on West Bank Similarity: 0.49

Lebanese sentenced to death for spying for Israel (AP) Similarity: 0.71

3 days after.

US vetoes resolution on Israeli building Similarity: 0.58

4 days after.

Palestinians rally over 'despicable' Obama UN veto (AFP) Similarity: 0.46

Egyptian army takes to Facebook Similarity: 0.32

5 days after.

Ian McEwan attacks 'injustice' in Israel Similarity: 0.32

6 days after.

Testing the water Similarity: 0.51

Israel to raze more wells in W. Bank as part of water war on Palestinians Similarity: 0.48

Israel mulls security impact of Google Street View Similarity: 0.62

7 days after.

Thirteen Gazans hit by Israeli fire (AFP) Similarity: 0.63


صحيفة عبرية: مصر و"إسرائيل" يعززان تعاونهما العسكري في سيناء Similarity: 0.33

أخبار - مصر تؤجل استئناف مد الغاز لإسرائيل Similarity: 0.33

تحذيرات من مخطط صهيوني لإقامة 19 كنيساً يهودياً جنوب القدس المحتلة Similarity: 0.31


Nyt styre i Kairo skaber tvivl om traktat Similarity: 0.38


Nahost: Warum die ägyptische Revolution Israel hilft Similarity: 0.38

Israel empört: Iranische Schiffe durch Suez-Kanal Similarity: 0.35


Le Hezbollah menace d'envahir la Galilée en cas d'attaque israélienne Similarity: 0.55

2 navires de guerre iraniens inquiètent Israël Similarity: 0.46

Cassez : "Sûre à 100% qu’elle est coupable" Similarity: 0.37


MO: 2 navi Iran verso Siria Similarity: 0.42


Telavive em alerta, ameaça voltar à guerra Similarity: 0.66

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