Friday, September 12, 2008

Paul McCartney told to cancel Israel concert  de  fr  pt

More than 40 years after The Beatles were forced to cancel a planned concert in Israel Sir Paul McCartney says he has come under pressure to pull out of a performance in Tel Aviv later this month.

telegraph 3:15:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7 days before.

Blair wants West Bank routes opened Similarity: 0.84

Israelis targeted in Toronto Similarity: 0.60

6 days before.

Israel allows small-arms shipment to Abbas Similarity: 0.86

Peres proposes direct talks with Syria Similarity: 0.58

5 days before.

Israel's government discusses evacuation bill (AP) Similarity: 0.85

Police recommend Olmert indictment Similarity: 0.33

4 days before.

Most Israelis would trade Barghuti for kidnapped soldier Similarity: 0.74

Olmert: Kadima will remain a leading party Similarity: 0.42

3 days before.

Hamas asks Arab FMs to adopt practical decision to break Gaza siege Similarity: 0.78

Israeli Minister: OK to Kidnap Ahmadinejad Similarity: 0.56

1 day before.

Palestinian police make a difference in Hebron (Reuters) Similarity: 0.88

Two killed in Israeli army helicopter crash Similarity: 0.58

Israeli leader to resign 'immediately' after vote (AP) Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Stabbing of boy sets off West Bank rampage Similarity: 0.78

Fatah delegation will head to Cairo for unity talks 22 September Similarity: 0.31

Tzipi Livni is preparing to end talks with Syria if she becomes Israel's new prime minister Similarity: 0.36

2 days after.

Clashes in West Bank Similarity: 0.89

3 days after.

Abbas, Olmert to hold new round of Mideast peace talks Similarity: 0.87

4 days after.

Olmert, Abbas in possible final meeting (AP) Similarity: 0.79

Five dead in fresh Gaza clashes Similarity: 0.41

5 days after.

Exit polls: Livni clear winner in Israeli primary (AP) Similarity: 0.57

Hamas holds secret leadership election Similarity: 0.44

6 days after.

Tzipi Livni wins Israel's Kadima race Similarity: 0.49

Two dead in Gaza tunnel collapse:medics (AFP) Similarity: 0.81

Israel postpones Turkish-brokered talks with Syria Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

Livni leads Kadima political bartering in Israel Similarity: 0.39

Bush to welcome Abbas on Sept 25 (AFP) Similarity: 0.83

Foreign Minister heads up meeting on Israel's future Similarity: 0.60


Israel schließt Gespräche über Jerusalem aus Similarity: 0.36


Israël réduit les déplacements entre Gaza et la Cisjordanie Similarity: 0.60

Tzipi Livni et Shaul Mofaz se disputent le poste d'Olmert Similarity: 0.46

Le corps retrouvé est bien celui de la petite Rose Similarity: 0.31


Israel confirma que corpo encontrado é de menina desaparecida Similarity: 0.31

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