Clustered news for  Monday, May 25, 2015


This Week's New Stories

Ireland returns resounding vote in favour of gay marriage
May 18, 2015 - May 24, 2015

Nigella puts the boot in to Putin: Chef reads out Britain's points and helps SWEDEN win Eurovision - pipping Russia to victory
May 23, 2015 - May 25, 2015

Oil spills off California coast after pipeline ruptures
May 20, 2015 - May 23, 2015

Officer acquitted in deaths of 2 unarmed people
May 23, 2015 - May 24, 2015

Poland president loses to challenger
May 18, 2015 - May 25, 2015

Fears for eight missing in floods including mother and two young children after their vacation home was washed away by surging waters in Texas
May 24, 2015 - May 25, 2015

John Nash, mathematician portrayed in A Beautiful Mind, dies in taxi crash at 86
May 24, 2015 - May 25, 2015

RPT-Turkey says agrees deal with U.S. on air support for Syrian rebels
May 21, 2015 - May 25, 2015

ISIS says it bombed Saudi mosque; 21 reported dead
May 19, 2015 - May 23, 2015

Suspect in killings of wealthy Washington family arrested
May 22, 2015 - May 23, 2015

David Letterman to Sign off as Late-Night Host
May 20, 2015 - May 21, 2015

Sliver of Clinton's emails to be released as part of Benghazi inquiry
May 21, 2015 - May 23, 2015

Mexico: 43 dead in 3-hour firefight on ranch in west
May 22, 2015 - May 23, 2015

Senate Republicans signal willingness to revamp NSA phone records program
May 21, 2015 - May 23, 2015

Tunisian soldier kills seven and wounds 15 before he is shot dead
May 24, 2015 - May 25, 2015

Greek finance minister revives war of words with 'mistaken' Germany
May 19, 2015 - May 21, 2015

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton indulge in Presidential banter on Twitter
May 18, 2015 - May 19, 2015


This Month's New Stories


Biggest Stories

MSF ponders Somali presence after attack: official (Reuters)
November 30, 2011 - January 2, 2012

Over 300 missing as boat sinks off Indonesia
November 30, 2011 - December 27, 2011

Syria: latest news as Obama says will put Syria decision to Congress
October 20, 2011 - April 1, 2014

At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan
October 20, 2011 - November 5, 2014

Bulgarian president critises govt for withdrawal from gas pipeline project
November 30, 2011 - December 26, 2011

Egypt working to 'calm down' Israel and Hamas
July 26, 2012 - November 5, 2014

Iran's ability to build weapon slowed
October 20, 2011 - March 23, 2014

298 dead after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes in Ukraine
January 9, 2014 - November 5, 2014

Abbas suspends peace talks with Israel
April 21, 2007 - July 27, 2008

Israel 'wants rapid Gaza pullout'
January 13, 2009 - December 22, 2009

Iran welcomes US downgrading of nuclear threat
December 2, 2006 - July 27, 2008

15 dead as Israel boards Gaza-bound ships
March 30, 2010 - May 8, 2011

China earthquake
July 6, 2007 - July 27, 2008

At least 40 die in Israeli attack on Qana
December 5, 2005 - November 3, 2006

Moqtada al-Sadr threatens 'open war' in Iraq
July 5, 2007 - July 26, 2008

Japan on high nuclear alert
March 30, 2010 - May 8, 2011

Saddam Hussein Death sentence Death penalty for Saddam Hussein
December 1, 2005 - December 4, 2006


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Poland president loses to challenger [7]  de  fr  nl  pt  ro

Andrzej Duda celebrates on the release of the exit polls. The conservative challenger in Poland's presidential election, Andrzej Duda, has defeated the incumbent, Bronislaw Komorowski, final results show. Mr Duda won 51.5% of votes in the run-off, while Mr Komorowski polled 48.5%.

bbc 8:13:00 PM CEST

Dozens of suspected migrant graves found near Malaysia-Thailand border, police reveal [6]  de  fr  nl  pt  da

Malaysian police have revealed that 140 graves, believed to contain the remains of migrants, have been found near the country’s border with Thailand. They are understood to have been discovered at human trafficking camps. “The operation which we have been conducting from May 11 to May 23, we....

euronews-en 10:38:00 AM CEST

China officials taken on prison visits in warning against corruption [5]  de  es  fr  pt

China’s on-going war against corruption has seen many high profile figures, once considered untouchable, fall from grace. But just in case some still don’t take the hint, authorities have devised a new method to deter graft among public officials — a taste of prison life.

thetimes 5:53:00 AM CEST

Spaniards cast their votes in local [5]  da  de  es  fr  it  nl  no  pt  ro

Voters began casting ballots yesterday across much of Spain in local elections that could see two upstart parties end nearly four decades of dominance by the ruling conservative Popular Party and its rival, the centre-left Socialists. At stake are 8,122 town halls as well as parliament seats in 13 of Spain's 17 regions.

MaltaIndipendent 2:08:00 AM CEST

Tunisian soldier kills seven and wounds 15 before he is shot dead [5]  da  de  fr  it  nl
Fears for eight missing in floods including mother and two young children after their vacation home was washed away by surging waters in Texas [4]  de  es  fr  nl  no  pt
Greece cannot pay IMF, says minister [4]  de  fr  it  nl  pt
Air France flight escorted to New York after threat - report [4]  da  de  fr  it  nl  no
Africa: Africa@52 - Resource Nationalism a Must [4]  da  nl  pt
Hillary Clinton says 'there is no role for American soldiers on the ground' in Iraq as Pentagon faces criticism for its strategy to battle ISIS [3]  de  es  fr  pt
RPT-Turkey says agrees deal with U.S. on air support for Syrian rebels [3]  de  nl
- Mission Journal: In Nepal, finding solutions to better protect press [3]  de  es  fr  nl
Peter Robinson Has Suspected Heart Attack [3]  da  de  es  nl  pt  fr
South Sudan: Currency Collapse, Famine Loom in South Sudan [3]
Nicky Morgan branded a hypocrite after congratulating Ireland [2]
Fuel scarcity: Field of gallons and curse of ‘Black Gold’ [2]  fr
Africa: Worldwide Push for Burundi Dialogue [2]  de  fr  nl
Didcot triple murder suspect Jed Allen's body found [2]  da  de  es  fr  nl  no  pt  ro
07:06 Court jails ex-Israeli PM Olmert [2]  da  de  es  fr  nl
Sydney gunman was 'a furtive fantasist', inquest hears [2]  da  nl  pt
Migrant crisis at sea nothing new [2]
Yemeni peace talks delayed by more fighting [2]  de
Authorities detonate suspicious device near U.S. Capitol [2]  pt
Japanese shares higher on trade data [2]  de  it  nl  fr
I’ve lost count of the bodies out at sea, says Libya coastguard [2]

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