Yasser Abed Rabbo

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Yasser Abed Rabbo (Eu,tr)

ياسر عبد ربه (ar,fa)

Yasser Abed Rabo (de,pt)

Yaser Abed Rabo (es,pt)

Yasser Abd Rabbo (Eu,sv)

Yasser Abed-Rabbo (de,en)

Yaser Abed Rabbo (en,pt)

Yasir Abed Rabbo (es)

Yaser Abid Rabbo (tr)

Yasser Abd Rabo (fr)

Yaser Abd Rabbo (tr)

Yasser Abd Rabu (en)

Yasser Abbed Rabbo (fr)

יאסר עבד רבו (he)

Yasir Abd Rabbu (en)

Yasser Abid Rabbo (tr)

Yaser Abed Rabó (es)

Yassir Abid Rabbo (sv)

Yasser Abd al-Rabbo (en)

Yasser Abed-Rabo (en)

proche conseiller (fr - 11)

aide (en - 18)

proche de Mahmoud Abbas (fr - 4)

palestinian negotiator (en - 5)

membre (fr - 10)

official of the Palestine Liberation Organization (en - 3)

membro (pt - 7)

member (en - 14)

conseiller (fr - 6)

ministro palestino (pt - 2)

palestinian official (en - 2)

adviser (en - 4)

official (en - 7)

dirigente (es,pt - 3)

medewerker (nl - 2)

adviseur (nl - 2)

minister (de,en - 2)

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