Saturday, January 12, 2019

Game-changing Chinese missile to Pakistan a ‘deterrent’  fa

Posted in Global KARACHI (AA): A new generation anti-ship Chinese missile, which Pakistan Navy is going to induct in 2021, will serve as a “deterrent” but simultaneously aggravate an already escalating arms race between the nuclear-armed neighbors, Pakistan and India, analysts said.

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7 days before.

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PM Khan holds talks with crown prince of Abu Dhabi in Islamabad Similarity: 0.77

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TDAP to help organize solo furniture expo in Muslim countries: Razak Dawood Similarity: 0.80

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Saudi Arabia to set up $10 billion oil refinery in Pakistan Similarity: 0.86

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UN General Assembly president to visit Pakistan Similarity: 0.80

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UNGA president lauds Pakistan’s role in strengthening multilateralism, UN peacekeeping Similarity: 0.80


اسلام‌آباد» میزبان نشست علمای پاکستان و افغانستان؛ صلح محور اجلاس Similarity: 0.43

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