Tuesday, July 10, 2018

DEADLY DOSE Novichok victims exposed to 'substantially higher' dose of agent than Skripals  de  fr  sl  sv

Dawn and Charlie may have picked up a Novichok container while visiting Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury on June 29. They then passed it between themselves and the deadly nerve agent leaked onto their hands and absorbed through their skin. Detectives believe either Dawn or Charlie may have have....

thesun 10:07:00 AM CEST

6 days before.

Salisbury alarm over unknown substance at hospital Similarity: 0.66

5 days before.

Revealed: The Moscow weapons lab that made the deadly Novichok nerve agent Similarity: 0.74

4 days before.

U.K. police hunting for source of nerve-agent poisoning after 2 Britons stricken Similarity: 0.73

3 days before.

Amesbury Novichok police operation 'will take months' Similarity: 0.71

1 day after.

UK police say they've spoken to surviving nerve-agent victim Similarity: 0.59

3 days after.

Police FIND source of Novichok - a small bottle in poisoning victim Charlie Rowley's house Similarity: 0.58

7 days after.

Vladimir Putin asked why so many of his enemies end up DEAD as he addresses Novichok poisonings Similarity: 0.71


Brite Rowley nach Vergiftung bei Bewusstsein Similarity: 0.41

Kroaten laut Coach Dalic vor Halbfinale "frei von Druck" Similarity: 0.33

17 Chaostage in London Brexit, Rücktritte: Die vielen Baustellen der Theresa May Similarity: 0.31


Mondial-2018: l'Angleterre, la Croatie et "l'abruti au parapluie" Similarity: 0.33

02h53 Le prince Louis a été baptisé Similarity: 0.32

Brexit : Sursis pour Theresa May après deux démissions retentissantes Similarity: 0.30


Evropska perspektiva za Zahodni Balkan v ospredju vrha v Londonu Similarity: 0.34

Na Bovškem se je smrtno ponesrečil 33-letni kajakaš Similarity: 0.31

Britanec, zastrupljen z novičokom, prišel k zavesti Similarity: 0.31


”Zombie”-May satsar rubbet på nära relation med EU Similarity: 0.31

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