Sunday, April 15, 2018

Israel destroys Hamas tunnel from Gaza  ar  fr  pt

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7 days before.

Gaza buries journalist killed while covering mass protests Similarity: 0.85

6 days before.

'Western media' and mass deception Similarity: 0.87

4 days before.

Hamas: National Consensus Government has taken over in Gaza Similarity: 0.86

Your letters: Jews must speak out on Israel’s asylum reversal Similarity: 0.43

3 days before.

Gaza's hospitals taxed by wounded from Israeli fire Similarity: 0.79

2 days before.

Palestinian journalists fear being targeted during protests Similarity: 0.81

1 day before.

30 Palestinians shot and wounded in latest clashes with Israeli troops Similarity: 0.84

2 days after.

Israel conducted April 9 strike on Syrian airbase: NYT quotes Israeli military source Similarity: 0.45

3 days after.

Israel at 70: What does the future hold? Similarity: 0.80

4 days after.

- CIHRS marks Palestinian Prisoners Day Similarity: 0.77

6 days after.

Two Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces in Gaza; 36 killed since March 30 Similarity: 0.82

7 days after.

Israel rubbishes claims Mossad behind Malaysia assassination Similarity: 0.76


توغل محدود لآليات الاحتلال جنوب قطاع غزة Similarity: 0.31

وزير الاتصالات ومنتدى شارك يبحثان سبل حماية الشباب إلكترونيا نشر بتاريخ: 15/04/2018 الساعة: 12:44 Similarity: 0.30

الاحتلال الإسرائيلي يعتقل 23 فلسطينيا في الضفة الغربية Similarity: 0.31


20h42 Israël : nouvelle destruction d'un tunnel de la bande de Gaza Similarity: 0.42


Mundo Israel desativa o maior túnel feito por militantes já encontrado Similarity: 0.42

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