Thursday, December 28, 2017

A U.S. Attack on North Korea: Could China Retaliate Against Taiwan?  ar  de  es  fr  nl  tr  fa  hu

Chinese retaliation against Taiwan amid a U.S. military move on North Korea would be an occasion for Beijing to redress two historical wounds inflicted by Washington in 1950 and again in the 1990s. A U.S. Attack on North Korea: Could China Retaliate Against Taiwan? As it has in much of 2017, the....

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7 days before.

China using sovereign debt to bend other states to its will Similarity: 0.84

Brigadier Tim Hackworth Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

UN imposes tough new sanctions on North Korea Similarity: 0.46

5 days before.

China's killer smog rolls in Similarity: 0.85

Peru expels North Korean diplomats over nuclear crisis Similarity: 0.46

4 days before.

China launches world's largest amphibious aircraft with an eye on South China Sea Similarity: 0.77

North Korea: new UN sanctions an 'act of war' Similarity: 0.47

3 days before.

China Would "Pay a Very High Price" If It Invades, Taiwan Warns Similarity: 0.87

Lavrov calls on US, North Korea to start talks, says Moscow ready to mediate Similarity: 0.55

2 days before.

China opposes terrorism in all forms, top legislator tells a joint speakers' meeting Similarity: 0.85

Meet the Kim Jong Un impersonator who is turning heads in South Korea Similarity: 0.45

1 day before.

Lavrov, Tillerson discuss need for urgent NKorea negotiations: Moscow Similarity: 0.46

1 day after.

Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's president, pledges stronger defense to counter China Similarity: 0.84

Sanctions busting Hong-Kong ship is seized by South Korea Similarity: 0.73

2 days after.

China allows temporary use of cash reserve to support market liquidity Similarity: 0.81

'SHE'S AN INSANE B****' Take a look back at outrageous outbursts from the world's leaders Similarity: 0.45

3 days after.

China's growth engine stutters as factories slowdown Similarity: 0.82

North Korea vows to press on with nuclear agenda as Russia denies trade violations Similarity: 0.50

4 days after.

Kim Jong-un says ‘nuclear button’ is always on his desk Similarity: 0.30

President Xi's New Year speech boosts Chinese morale Similarity: 0.85

5 days after.

S. Korea offers to talk with North on Olympics cooperation Similarity: 0.31

China’s Active Year of Diplomacy in 2017 Similarity: 0.86

Asian factories end robust 2017 on mixed note; central banks seen hiking slowly Similarity: 0.39

6 days after.

North Korea to reopen hotline to South to discuss Olympics Similarity: 0.33

US bars $1.2B Chinese acquisition of MoneyGram Similarity: 0.73

7 days after.

Chinese firms ready in Africa's green revolution Similarity: 0.82

Trump threatens his total “might” against North Korea Similarity: 0.31


الصين «توبخ» سفارتي أميركا وألمانيا بسبب دعوتهما للإفراج عن ناشط | بتوقيت غرينتش Similarity: 0.34


Nach US-Steuerreform: China fördert Inlandsinvestitionen Similarity: 0.53


Corea del Norte condena las nuevas sanciones de la ONU como un "acto de guerra" Similarity: 0.34


ابراز نگرانی تایوان از 16 رزمایش نیروی هوایی چین در اطراف این جزیره Similarity: 0.34


Taïwan illustre par erreur son passeport d’une image de l’aéroport de Washington Similarity: 0.53


Őőő... ha ez igaz, van mit tanulni a kínaiaktól Similarity: 0.33


China Chinese leider Xi versterkt politie, leger en eigen positie Partijleider Xi Jinping krijgt vanaf januari het bevel over de Gewapende Volkspolitie en bestendigt daarmee zijn machtspositie. Similarity: 0.46


Chrysler, Çin'deki 19 binden fazla aracını geri çağırdı Similarity: 0.35

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