Thursday, October 5, 2017

Islamic State's last stronghold in northern Iraq falls  ar  de  fa  fr  nl  pt  hu

Baghdad: Iraqi forces have captured Islamic State's last stronghold in northern Iraq, the military said on Thursday, leaving the militant group holed up in pockets of land by the Syrian border, across which its self-proclaimed "caliphate" once stretched. The town of Hawija and the surrounding areas were captured in an offensive carried out by U.

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7 days before.

Iraqi Kurds Vote to Split From Baghdad in Landmark Independence Referendum Similarity: 0.79

ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi talks about North Korea threats to US and Japan in newly released audio tape Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Last flight departs as Iraq imposes ban for Kurdish independence vote Similarity: 0.80

5 days before.

Kurdish referendum triggers retaliation from Iraq, Turkey Similarity: 0.77

4 days before.

Iraqi PM presses case for Baghdad to receive Kurdistan oil revenue Similarity: 0.75

Man shot by army after stabbings at Marseille train station Similarity: 0.33

3 days before.

Marseille suspect released from custody day before attack Similarity: 0.37

Keep the Iran Deal, Attack the Regime Similarity: 0.33

2 days before.

Kurdish leader and former Iraqi president Jalal Talabani dies, officials say Similarity: 0.69

'The Simpsons' appeal for Puerto Rico aid Similarity: 0.38

1 day after.

Jalal Talabani laid to rest in Sulaimaniyah funeral Similarity: 0.81

3 days after.

Iraq's parliament speaker heads to Erbil to tackle post-vote stalemate Similarity: 0.79

7 days after.

Iraqi Government: Kurds Must Back Country's 'Unity' Before Talks Similarity: 0.80


باريس تعرض الوساطة بين بغداد والأكراد Similarity: 0.31


Unabhängigkeitsreferendum - Erdogan will Grenzen zum Irak schließen und Luftraum sperren Similarity: 0.36

Irak: Streitkräfte nehmen IS-Hochburg Hawidscha ein Similarity: 0.33


ظریف به کردستان عراق می‌رود Similarity: 0.35


L'Irak reprend le centre de Hawija, l'un des deux derniers bastions de l'EI Similarity: 0.64

Macron dénonce ceux qui foutent "le bordel", l'opposition est outrée Similarity: 0.31

Des pistes pour la réforme de l'apprentissage Similarity: 0.30


Visszafoglalták az Iszlám Államtól Havídzsát Similarity: 0.39

Macron beállna közvetíteni a kurdok és Irak között Similarity: 0.43


Leger Irak rukt op en verovert IS-bolwerk Hawija Similarity: 0.51


Hawija libertada pelas forças iraquianas Similarity: 0.69

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