Monday, October 2, 2017

Trump Dedicates Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims  da  es  fr

As millions of Puerto Ricans struggle to recover from Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump attended a golfing event Sunday. And just in case anyone was going to go after him for not paying attention to the disaster, he attempted to pre-empt the criticism: He dedicated the trophy to the victims of the storm.

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Trump dedikerer golf-trofæ til orkanramte Puerto Rico Similarity: 0.46

Tesla sender batteripakker til orkanramte Puerto Rico Similarity: 0.44

Rømer: Vores krydser tæller for lidt Similarity: 0.32


Admiten falta de trabajo para salir de emergencia por María Similarity: 0.40


Trump : "un acte de mal absolu" Similarity: 0.32

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