Saturday, September 30, 2017

Iran will walk away from nuclear deal with 'better technology'  fa  nl  tr

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council signed the nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in 2015, under which Iran accepted to curb its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. Zarif in a recent interview with British dailies,....

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7 days before.

Iran tests ballistic missile "successfully": TV Similarity: 0.77

6 days before.

Trump accuses Iran of cooperation with North Korea after missile test launch Similarity: 0.86

5 days before.

Pleased to see high profile projects with Iran: UK envoy Similarity: 0.82

2 days after.

Keep the Iran Deal, Attack the Regime Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

Turkish President Heads to Tehran Amid Iraqi Kurdish Independence Crisis Similarity: 0.83

4 days after.

Iran sentences member of nuclear negotiating team to 5 years in jail -Tasnim Similarity: 0.89

6 days after.

Donald Trump warns it is 'calm before the storm' amid reports he will decertify Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.84

7 days after.

Hezbollah sanctions: New US measures aim to show Trump is tough on Iran and its affiliates Similarity: 0.90


حدس می‌زنم ترامپ پایبندی ایران به برجام را تایید نکند Similarity: 0.33

محکومیت ایران به پرداخت غرامت به امیر حکمتی Similarity: 0.30

قدوس: خوشحالم که به تیم ملی ایران دعوت شدم Similarity: 0.32


Iran en Irak plannen militaire manoeuvres aan grens met Koerdistan na “illegaal referendum” Similarity: 0.35


Irak ve İran askerleri ortak tatbikat başlattı Similarity: 0.34

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