Thursday, May 18, 2017

US strikes Syria militia 'threatening US-backed forces'  fa  fr  nl  tr

The US military carried out an air strike on Thursday against militia supported by the Syrian government that posed a threat to US-backed fighters in the country's south, US officials told Reuters on Thursday. One of the US officials said the strikes near the town of At Tanf destroyed at least one....

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7 days before.

The Latest: Syrian Kurds take largest dam, town from IS Similarity: 0.61

6 days before.

Lavrov: Sending US observers to de-escalation zones should be acceptable to Damascus Similarity: 0.48

4 days before.

Evacuations of rebels from last Damascus stronghold begins Similarity: 0.68

3 days before.

Air strikes target Islamic State in eastern Syria, kill 23 - monitor Similarity: 0.79

2 days before.

Syrian government denies U.S. claim of crematorium at prison Similarity: 0.74

1 day after.

Syrian Arab Republic delegation holds session of talks with de Mistura soon Similarity: 0.84

2 days after.

Moscow Says New US-Led Coalition Strike Near Syrian Al-Tanf 'Illegitimate' Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

Final Rebels Leave Homs Under Syrian Evacuation Deal Similarity: 0.66

5 days after.

Deadliest Month for Syria Civilians in US-Led Strikes Similarity: 0.77


اسد:موفقیت سوریه وعراق درمبارزه با تروریسم گام مهم بازگشت امنیت به دو کشوراست Similarity: 0.34

هشدار بشار جعفری درباره دخالت خارجی‌ها در امور سوریه Similarity: 0.32


Syrie: 50 morts dans une attaque sanglante de l'EI dans le centre Similarity: 0.52


Amerikanen voeren luchtraid op Syrische regeringstroepen uit in “veilige zone” Similarity: 0.62


ABD Suriye'nin güneyindeki Esed yanlısı milisleri vurdu Similarity: 0.39

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