Sunday, January 22, 2017

Risk of freezing drizzle in Ottawa today, snowstorm tomorrow  fr  fa  ru

Mild temperatures in Ottawa come with a risk of freezing drizzle on Sunday along with winds gusting at 20 km/h. The day's high is 3 C and the low is –2 C. The work week kicks off with more wet weather: a 40 per cent chance of freezing drizzle or flurries on Monday morning, according to Environment Canada.

CBC 6:41:00 PM CET

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Start date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017

7 days before.

Trump says U.S. automakers should make products in the country Similarity: 0.30

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Justin Trudeau skips P.E.I. on Atlantic Canada visit Similarity: 0.80

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CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises, energy leads as oil prices jump Similarity: 0.71

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The Latest: Watchdog group says it will sue President Trump Similarity: 0.41

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Canada signals possible U.S. trade deal that excludes Mexico Similarity: 0.75

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Passport-holders of 7 Muslim-majority countries can’t board Air Canada flights to U.S. Similarity: 0.59

7 days after.

'We can do a lot more': Advocates urge protection for refugees who enter Canada via the U.S. Similarity: 0.80


نخست‌وزیر کانادا از تظاهرات علیه ترامپ حمایت کرد Similarity: 0.36


Des centaines de milliers d'opposants à Trump dans les rues de Washington, New York, Boston, etc. Similarity: 0.37

VIDEO. Madonna lance un appel à la «révolution de l'amour» lors de la «marche des femmes» Similarity: 0.33


Житель Канады выиграл в лотерею 19 млн долларов США Similarity: 0.32

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