Sunday, January 1, 2017

Parcel bomb at far-right bookshop wounds Italian policeman  de  fr  it  pl  hu

ROME (Reuters) - A parcel bomb with a timer exploded early Sunday morning in front of a Florence bookstore run by a neo-fascist group, seriously wounding a policeman trying defuse the device, authorities said. Anti-terrorism police discovered the package while patrolling sensitive sites and called....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Berlin killer slipped in and out of THREE Schengen countries before caught in Italy

Keywords: Germany, Tunisia, Italy, France / Anis Amri, Islamic State / attack, berlin, police, german, market

Start date: Saturday, December 24, 2016

7 days before.

Tunisia arrests Anis Amri's nephew and two others linked to Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Similarity: 0.38

3 days before.

Berlin Christmas market attacker likely radicalized in prison, Italian officials say Similarity: 0.74


16:41 Das Jahr 2017 Das sind die fünf größten Baustellen der EU Similarity: 0.32


Italie : un artificier blessé par l'explosion d'un colis piégé Similarity: 0.41


Pokolgép robbant Firenzében Similarity: 0.44

Öt kulturális intézmény szűnt meg december 31-én Similarity: 0.31


Botti, 184 feriti: sedicenne di Bari rischia l'amputazione della mano Similarity: 0.35

Scola e l'attentato di Istanbul: "Dio redime e rigenera, il contrario del distruggere e dell'annientare" Similarity: 0.34

Capodanno a Milano, in 50mila in piazza Duomo: sequestrati petardi e bottiglie. Resta sorvegliata speciale Similarity: 0.34

Firenze, ordigno contro Casa Pound: poliziotto artificiere perde un occhio e una mano Similarity: 0.32

Toscana, altri due casi di meningite: a Prato ricoverata una ragazza di vent'anni Similarity: 0.31

Capodanno Napoli, due feriti lievi colpiti da proiettili vaganti Similarity: 0.33

Boom dei musei (gratis) per capodanno: al top Colosseo, Pompei e Reggia Caserta Similarity: 0.33


Włochy: Policjant ranny w eksplozji ładunku podłożonego we Florencji Similarity: 0.40

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