Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Pentagon complains as Iranian vessel points weapon at US helicopter

Iranian ship in latest stand-off with U.S. Navy: The Pentagon complains about Revolutionary Guard vessel that pointed its weapons at helicopter A small Iranian vessel pointed a weapon at a U.S. military helicopter; The two vehicles were in international waters when the incident happened; It's unclear what kind of weapon was pointed at the U.

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3 days after.

U.S. Senate renews Iran sanction law Similarity: 0.89

4 days after.

Iran says extension of sanctions act shows U.S. unreliable Similarity: 0.88

5 days after.

Iran vows 'firm response' unless Obama stops sanctions renewal Similarity: 0.86

6 days after.

China warns US over breaking Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.85

7 days after.

Saudi Court Sentences 15 to Death in Iran Spy Cell Trial Similarity: 0.86

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