Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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The fight to liberate the Syrian city of Raqqa, the self-proclaimed "capital" of ISIS, is a perfect lesson in the bewildering complexities of the Middle East: Everyone wants the Raqqa offensive against the terrorist organisation to succeed but, for most of the region's governments, who does the fighting is just as important as the outcome.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7 days before.

Iraqi soldier reunited with family after two years apart Similarity: 0.37

6 days before.

Iraqi special forces’ push to retake northern city of Mosul goes house to house Similarity: 0.42

5 days before.

The Latest: UN: 22,000 Iraqis displaced by Mosul fight Similarity: 0.41

4 days before.

Line of defence Similarity: 0.39

UN 'unable to send Aleppo aid over ceasefire security' Similarity: 0.35

3 days before.

Pictured, the terrifying masked Iraqi death squads taking back Mosul from the ISIS jihadis Similarity: 0.37

Syria Monitor: 74 Killed in 8 Days of Rebel Aleppo Offensive Similarity: 0.31

2 days before.

Fighting resumes in Aleppo Similarity: 0.86

25 killed in Iraq suicide bombings claimed by ISIS Similarity: 0.38

1 day before.

Turkey warns against Kurdish takeover of Raqqa as ISIL capital faces encirclement Similarity: 0.78

IS oil wells set on fire as Iraqi troops approach Mosul Similarity: 0.45

1 day after.

What does Trump's victory mean for the Middle East? Similarity: 0.53

42,000 displaced since start of Mosul assault: IOM Similarity: 0.32

2 days after.

“From Homeland’s Memory” exhibition sheds light on Syria’s oldest traditional handicrafts Similarity: 0.67

3 days after.

Iraq troops converge on Mosul to drive out Daesh Similarity: 0.34

Evidence of chemical weapons use found in Syria - Defense Ministry Similarity: 0.46

4 days after.

Iraqi forces battling for Mosul discover massive secret ISIS missile factory amid savage street fighting Similarity: 0.41

US hypocrisy over Aleppo Similarity: 0.44

5 days after.

Iraq troops vow to tighten noose on Islamic State in Mosul Similarity: 0.35

Syrian army and allies make gains in Aleppo 13-Nov-16 Similarity: 0.49

6 days after.

Syria Similarity: 0.38

Iraqi forces retake historical town of Nimrud Similarity: 0.31

7 days after.

Syria, backed by ally Russia, renews assault on rebels Similarity: 0.41


Politik Trods T-shirt med Bernie Sanders fik Skipper lov til at blive i salen Similarity: 0.42


D: Top-Islamist Abu Walaa festgenommen Similarity: 0.34


امیرعبداللهیان: با قدرت به حمایت خود از سوریه ادامه می دهیم/آمریکایی ها واقعیات صحنه را درک نمی کنند Similarity: 0.31


Irak : les forces kurdes ont pris Bachiqa, près de Mossoul, à l'EI Similarity: 0.39

14h20 Syrie: 7 enfants et deux femmes enceintes tués dans un raid (AFP) Similarity: 0.33


25 négyzetméter Szíria az Ikeában Similarity: 0.35


Regeringsleger Syrië claimt winst in slag om Aleppo Similarity: 0.45


Moskva v Siriji napovedala prve napade z ruske letalonosilke Similarity: 0.35


Turkiet varnar ”fel grupper” att delta i Raqqa-offensiv Similarity: 0.42

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