Monday, November 7, 2016

China’s New Cybersecurity Rules May Block Western Innovation  da  de  fr  pt  ru  sv  tr  ar  no

China has announced a new set of cybersecurity rules that could make it harder than ever for foreign technology companies to operate in the country. The rules, announced Monday, will provide central Chinese authorities with greater powers over the monitoring of data and hardware.

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Start date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Makes Public Air Show Debut Similarity: 0.75

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German minister reassured over access to Chinese electric car market Similarity: 0.77

The Latest: China State Media Say All 33 Miners Found Dead Similarity: 0.34

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Hong Kong rebel lawmakers in court over oath battle Similarity: 0.80

Russia and China in £16bn deal to develop long-range passenger jet to rival Boeing and Airbus Similarity: 0.75

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Top Asian News 10:34 a.m. GMT Similarity: 0.86

Global praise for China's launch of 1st heavy-lift rocket Similarity: 0.44

New US envoy to the Philippines sworn in Similarity: 0.38

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Today's News: Nov. 5, 2016 Similarity: 0.69

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Hong Kong police use pepper spray in China oath-taking protest Similarity: 0.91

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Xi congratulates Trump on becoming U.S. president-elect Similarity: 0.71

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Fine China Theresa May calls for new 'golden era' between China and UK as Vice Premier Ma Kai flies in for post-Brexit talks PM and Chancellor will push for deal during the visit, claiming 'the mutual benefits are clear' Similarity: 0.72

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China's Xi urges unity amid challenges in Taiwan, Hong Kong Similarity: 0.72

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Donald Trump says he hasn't talked to China's Xi Similarity: 0.75

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Welcome to Trump’s New World Order Similarity: 0.64

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Spotlight: China to play active role in climate change, enhance cooperation with related parties Similarity: 0.76

China, Iran pledge to deepen military exchange Similarity: 0.31


شرطة هونغ كونغ تشتبك مع محتجين مناوئين للصين Similarity: 0.31


Kina vedtager kontroversiel cyberlov Similarity: 0.44


Unabhängigkeit in Hongkong: China schlägt politische Proteste nieder Similarity: 0.48

Russland und China wollen Handel ausbauen Similarity: 0.36


Deux députés empêchés de siéger au Parlement Similarity: 0.67

Cybersécurité : la Chine renforce son emprise sur les entreprises étrangères Similarity: 0.36


Hongkong-politikere stenges ute Similarity: 0.32


Secretas reforçam prevenção contra a espionagem económica Similarity: 0.33


Китай создает фонд объемом в 10 млрд евро для инвестиций в Восточную Европу Similarity: 0.34

Российско-китайский инвестиционный фонд (РКИФ) и китайская Tus-Holdings договорились о создании совместного Российско-китайского венчурного фонда (РКВФ) с целевым объемом $100 млн. Это не первый подобный проект: в марте о создании венчурного фонда с таким же объемом вместе с Tus-Holdings объявила АФК «Система». Similarity: 0.30


Två politiker avstängda i Hongkong Similarity: 0.43


<![CDATA[Çin, Rusya'nın uçaklarını kopyalıyor]]> Similarity: 0.33

Çin’de Siber Güvenlik Yasası kabul edildi Similarity: 0.36

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