Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The DMZ in the middle of Rio: North and South Korean gymnasts take a selfie together  fa  hu

Gymnasts from North and South Korea pose together for selfie Lee Eun-Ju, 17, of South Korea took a picture with Hong Un Jong, 27, of North Korea; Although the countries are still at war with one another, politics were put aside for the two young women to take a picture on the floor together By....

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Keywords: Japan, South korea, China, United states, North korea / UN Security Council, United Nations / seoul

Start date: Thursday, July 28, 2016

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North Korea test-fires ballistic missile: S. Korea Similarity: 0.82

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Entertainment shares in S. Korea fall on worry about THAAD deployment Similarity: 0.69

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Deployment of THAAD not constructive step for peace in East Asia: U.S. expert Similarity: 0.65

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Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui smashes period taboo, wins Internet Similarity: 0.36


کره جنوبی برای کنترل کره شمالی ماهواره به فضا پرتاب می کند Similarity: 0.30


Szelfijük jelkép lehet, de ők megüthetik a bokájukat Similarity: 0.30

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