Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anti-Government Protesters Breach Baghdad's Green Zone  ar  de  fa  fr  it  nl  pt  ru  sv  hu

Dozens of protesters have climbed over the blast walls surrounding Baghdad's highly-fortified Green Zone and could be seen storming into parliament, carrying Iraqi flags and chanting against the government. After months of protests, sit-ins and demonstrations outside Baghdad's Green Zone — home to....

ABCnews 2:57:00 PM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: State of emergency declared in Baghdad as protesters take Iraqi parliament

Keywords: Iraq / Green Zone, Islamic State / iraqi, government, baghdad, security, al, forces, bomb, shiite

Start date: Friday, April 22, 2016

7 days before.

ISIS chiefs FREEZE 45 of their own fighters to death after accusing them of cowardice during a battle in Iraq Similarity: 0.78

4 days before.

Protesting Iraqi lawmakers prevent vote on new Cabinet Similarity: 0.79

2 days before.

Biden presses Iraq to not let political chaos upend gains Similarity: 0.78

1 day after.

State of emergency declared in Baghdad as protesters take Iraqi parliament Similarity: 0.93

2 days after.

ISIS claims twin suicide bombings Similarity: 0.89

7 days after.

UN counts ‘more than 50’ IS mass graves Similarity: 0.70


الآلاف يدخلون المنطقة الخضراء ويقتحمون البرلمان العراقي Similarity: 0.34


Demonstranten stürmten Parlament in Bagdad Similarity: 0.52


دیدار آیت‎الله سیستانی و مقتدی صدر در نجف/ اعلام حالت فوق العاده در عراق Similarity: 0.40


Crise politique en Irak : le Parlement envahi pendant six heures Similarity: 0.73


Bagdad: sokan meghaltak egy robbantásban Similarity: 0.33


Nuovo attentato in Iraq, autobomba esplode a Baghdad: vittime Similarity: 0.50


Noodsituatie Bagdad na bestorming 'Green Zone' door demonstranten Similarity: 0.47


Atentado faz mais de 20 mortos em Bagdade Similarity: 0.75


В Ираке против протестующих применили слезоточивый газ Similarity: 0.36

Иракские военные перекрыли все въезды в Багдад Similarity: 0.33


Demonstranter stormar irakiska parlamentet Similarity: 0.48

Expert: MP kommer bli tuffare i regeringen Similarity: 0.30

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