Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oil Prices Plummet On Fear Iran Will Torpedo Output Freeze Plan  fa  ru

Oil prices plummeted amid worries that the push for an output freeze by Russia and top OPEC producers could founder on opposition from Iran. The price of premium crude fell 3 percent on March 14 and dropped further to under $40 a barrel in early trading March 15 after Russian Energy Minister....

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Keywords: Iran, United states, Russia / UN Security Council, Hassan Rohani / iranian, tehran, nuclear, sanctions, deal, oil, country

Start date: Friday, February 19, 2016

7 days before.

Iran fires ballistic missiles, U.S. hints at diplomatic response Similarity: 0.85

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Iran test-fires missiles reportedly stamped with threat against Israel Similarity: 0.85

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Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran's missile work will never stop: state TV Similarity: 0.89

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US Ambassador Calls Iran Missile Tests Provocative Similarity: 0.85

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Israel furious over Iran's anti-Semitic missiles Similarity: 0.86

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Dead Billionaire Walking Similarity: 0.90

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GOP senators push for new Iran sanctions after missile tests Similarity: 0.85

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Khamenei says all US presidential candidates hostile to Iran Similarity: 0.82

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3 men charged, 1 arrested on Iran sanctions-evasion charges Similarity: 0.82


سیاست بانک‌های انگلیس برخورد محتاط با ایران است/تصور می‌شد با رفع تحریم‌ها امکان تجارت با ایران افزون شود Similarity: 0.35


Нефть дешевеет на фоне ожиданий сохранения переизбытка предложения на рынке Similarity: 0.33

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