Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Palestinians Kill Israeli Officer Before Being Shot Dead  ar  da  de  nl  tr  hu

Three Palestinians armed with automatic weapons, explosive devices and knives killed an Israeli security officer and seriously wounded another in Jerusalem on Wednesday before police shot and killed the attackers. It was one the most brazen attacks in nearly five months of near-daily Palestinian....

ABCnews 8:00:00 PM CET

This cluster belong to the following story: Deadly shooting strikes Tel Aviv bar

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Start date: Saturday, November 28, 2015

7 days before.

Road project puts Israel, EU on collision course Similarity: 0.88

6 days before.

Israeli special forces soldier is jailed for killing a camel in a drive-by shooting as his friend filmed him Similarity: 0.57

5 days before.

U.S., British spies hacked Israeli air force: Report Similarity: 0.75

4 days before.

Thousands of Palestinians mourn for seven Hamas members who died when a tunnel they were in collapsed Similarity: 0.88

3 days before.

West Bank shooting wounds 3 Israeli soldiers, attacker killed Similarity: 0.92

2 days before.

UN chief Ban tells Israel 'don't shoot the messenger' Similarity: 0.94

1 day before.

Canada: Is it still 'good for the Jews'? Similarity: 0.91

1 day after.

Two Israelis jailed for burning Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir alive Similarity: 0.94

2 days after.

Abu Khdair’s family condemns sentences against murderers of their son Similarity: 0.89

3 days after.

A gruelling life for Palestinian workers in Israel Similarity: 0.88

4 days after.

Netanyahu seeks to suspend Palestinian politicians Similarity: 0.90

5 days after.

Palestinian support for violent uprising against Israel slumps Similarity: 0.92

6 days after.

Israeli military says top mission is countering Gaza tunnels Similarity: 0.91


بعد عملية القدس.. الاحتلال يقرر تكثيف الاعتقالات وزيادة قواته Similarity: 0.31


Tre palæstinensere dræbt efter angreb på israelsk politi Similarity: 0.33


Drei Attentäter in Jerusalem erschossen Similarity: 0.44


Palesztin fiatalok támadtak katonákra Jeruzsálemben Similarity: 0.35


Aanslag in Jeruzalem: een agent en drie Palestijnen dood Similarity: 0.54


Doğu Kudüs'te 1 İsrail askeri öldürüldü Similarity: 0.30

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