Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Palestinian academic’s administrative detention extended  sv

An Israeli military court extended the arrest of the Palestinian lecturer at al-Najah University Dr. Ghassan Thuqan for three months.

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

US Sharply Criticizes New Israeli Housing Project Similarity: 0.76

6 days before.

In East Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian tension nears boiling point Similarity: 0.83

5 days before.

Sweden to recognise Palestinian state Similarity: 0.67

ISIL a distant threat for Israel Similarity: 0.49

4 days before.

400 American scholars boycott Israeli academic institutions Similarity: 0.80

3 days before.

Israel allows Gazans to pray in Jerusalem Similarity: 0.82

2 days before.

500 Gazans visit Jerusalem first time in seven years Similarity: 0.76

1 day before.

Israel fires across Lebanese border after blast Similarity: 0.49

1 day after.

IDF steps up tunnel warfare training following Gaza war Similarity: 0.71

2 days after.

Settlers chop down dozens of olive trees near Nablus Similarity: 0.71

3 days after.

New Palestinian quest for statehood Similarity: 0.76

4 days after.

Gaza reconstruction meeting starts in Egypt Similarity: 0.72

5 days after.

British MPs Urged To Recognise Palestine Similarity: 0.82

6 days after.

British MPs pass non-binding vote to recognise Palestine Similarity: 0.82

Israeli settlers burn mosque, IOF soldiers raid different WB areas Similarity: 0.46

7 days after.

Palestine vote ignored - Warsi Similarity: 0.75


Huvudlöst att erkänna palestinsk stat Similarity: 0.48

Palestinaerkännande inte för tidigt Similarity: 0.36

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