Monday, September 8, 2014

China: City kills 5,000 dogs to curb rabies outbreak  da  de  fr  nl  pt  sv  ar  bg  hu

Beijing says only candidates approved by a nominating committee can run for Hong Kong's chief executive, prompting criticism that it stifles democracy. China warns the United States to end its military surveillance flights near Chinese territory. China has produced elite national athletes but some....

cnn 7:03:00 AM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan

Keywords: China, United states, Japan / Xinhua News Agency, European Union / chinese, beijing, percent, taiwan, economic, trade, growth

Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Three children stabbed to death in China primary school Similarity: 0.84

Putin gives start to Power of Siberia gas pipeline construction Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Protesters condemn Hong Kong ruling Similarity: 0.77

Philippine airport bomb plotters planned anti-China att... Similarity: 0.48

5 days before.

Pictures of the day: 3 September 2014 Similarity: 0.86

Japan lines up first female prime minister Similarity: 0.30

4 days before.

Business journalists seized by police in China over alleged ‘cash for coverage’ Similarity: 0.87

3 days before.

China to keep closer eye on U.S. TV shows streamed on Internet Similarity: 0.88

2 days before.

China honours JNU teacher for his translation works Similarity: 0.89

EDITORIAL: Ma making Taiwan next Hong Kong Similarity: 0.36

Alibaba seeks to raise up to $24.3B in IPO record Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

'Expendables 3' tops China box office; 'Apes' a strong second Similarity: 0.94

2 days after.

Launch of space lab scheduled for 2016 Similarity: 0.90

3 days after.

China: Fighters Back From Iraq, Syria Are Threat Similarity: 0.88

4 days after.

China Sentences 3 to death, 1 to Life for Knife Attack Similarity: 0.83

Taiwan Aquarium Expo kicks off in Taipei Similarity: 0.49

5 days after.

Downpour wreaks havoc in SW China Similarity: 0.84

6 days after.

China on track to develop Indian railways as Xi heads to South Asia Similarity: 0.83

Chinese Protesters March Against Trash Incinerator Similarity: 0.43

Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters stage 'black cloth' march in Hong Kong Similarity: 0.31

7 days after.

Hushen 300 Index closes lower Monday Similarity: 0.55

Chongqing's 'mobile lane' Similarity: 0.60

China initiates level-III response for typhoon Kalmaegi Similarity: 0.36

Maldives Supports China's Modern 'Silk Road' Plan Similarity: 0.54


ارتفاع صادرات الصين بشكل فاق التوقعات Similarity: 0.33


Умни клечки за китайска храна засичат токсини и замърсяване Similarity: 0.31


Asien: Skuffende USA-jobtal opvejet af positive lokale data Similarity: 0.37

Et halvt år siden: MH370's forsvinden stadig et mysterie Similarity: 0.36

Måling: Søren Pape sikres folketingsplads på hængende hår Similarity: 0.35

3F er klar til at køre parløb med DF Similarity: 0.32

Venstre vil bruge 45 millioner på flere praktikpladser Similarity: 0.31


Sanktionen: China ernährt die Russen Similarity: 0.50

Den Röstigraben nicht vertiefen Similarity: 0.33

Mega-Börsengang: Alibaba lässt Privatanleger kalt Similarity: 0.32


Six mois après la disparition du MH370 : "On ne veut pas nous donner la vérité" Similarity: 0.37


Csúcstalálkozót készít elő Obama nemzetbiztonsági főtanácsadója Similarity: 0.44

Több ezer éves kardot talált egy tizenéves egy kínai folyóban Similarity: 0.39


Handelsoverschot China naar nieuw record Similarity: 0.56


Avião da Malaysia Airlines desapareceu há seis meses (vídeo) Similarity: 0.36


Råoljepriset faller Similarity: 0.34

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