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Israeli columnist: Is there no limit to Netanyahu’s rudeness?  ar  da  de  es  fr  no

Maariv columnist Ben Caspit said that the party with elite intelligence apparatuses, army and air forces was expected to achieve a victory in Gaza, but in fact it was Hamas that won the war.

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

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Egypt calls for immediate Gaza ceasefire Similarity: 0.94

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Israeli airstrikes level Gaza buildings Similarity: 0.92

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Eight killed in air strikes on Gaza Similarity: 0.95

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Gaza conflict: Fresh ceasefire hopes after 50 days of fighting Similarity: 0.94

Michael O'Leary wants 'Israeli Ryanair' new Similarity: 0.36

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Gaza truce: Is there a winner? Similarity: 0.95

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Derek Stoffel: As Gaza ceasefire holds, both sides debate who won Similarity: 0.93

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Gaza war destruction 'will take 20 years to rebuild' Similarity: 0.95

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Hamas says Netanyahu's Gaza withdrawal justifications "admission of defeat" Similarity: 0.92

3 days after.

US urges Israel to reverse land appropriation Similarity: 0.80

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UN chief alarmed over Israel’s land grab Similarity: 0.90

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Gaza's orphans learn to cope with trauma Similarity: 0.95

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Israel says it gagged reports captive Sotloff was its citizen Similarity: 0.91

7 days after.

Sinn Fein's Martina Anderson is barred from Gaza A Sinn Fein MEP leading a delegation on a fact-finding mission to Gaza has accused the Israeli... Similarity: 0.94


مظاهرات بالضفة وغزة دعماً للمقاومة ورفضا للاستيطان Similarity: 0.35

حملة عالمية لعزل إسرائيل دولياً Similarity: 0.31


VIDEO Israelsk minister i Deadline: Hamas er nazister Similarity: 0.52


Nationalmannschaft: Israel sagt Länderspiel gegen Deutschland ab Similarity: 0.64


Perspectivas de paz en Gaza afectadas por negativa de Hamas a desarmarse Similarity: 0.60


Gaza: Arrivée d'aides et de produits de consommation après le cessez-le-feu Similarity: 0.69


La ned 500 roser for Gaza-ofra Similarity: 0.48

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