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Military Exercises Delay Flights Throughout China  da  de  es  fr  nl  pt  ru  sv  tr  ar  hu  sl

China warns of delays at 12 airports through mid-August; employee cites military exercises

ABCnews 12:51:00 PM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan

Keywords: China, United states, Japan / Xinhua News Agency, European Union / chinese, beijing, percent, economic, taiwan, trade, growth

Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

China June new bank loans beat expectations as Beijing steps on the gas Similarity: 0.86

Russian Foreign Minister: BRICS Stand Against Western Sanctions Similarity: 0.36

6 days before.

China finds signs of oil at Paracel Islands Similarity: 0.83

China opposes interference in HK affairs by external forces: Commissioner's Office in HK Similarity: 0.41

Brics countries create $100bn bank to ease western grip on global finances Similarity: 0.30

5 days before.

GSK confirms it fired staff for corruption in China in 2001 Similarity: 0.88

IMF congratulates BRICS for new fund, offers help Similarity: 0.42

4 days before.

Watch: Reporter's Notebook: On the Hunt in China Similarity: 0.81

Hong Kong resident on board MH17: FM Similarity: 0.31

3 days before.

Footage shows wreckage after China bus crash Similarity: 0.84

China bank funds Argentina development Similarity: 0.44

Tensions affecting Japan business Similarity: 0.40

2 days before.

Typhoon Rammasun kills over 100 in China, Philippines Similarity: 0.79

Argentina in accords to borrow $8bn from China Similarity: 0.47

14 saved after SW China tunnel collapse Similarity: 0.35

Commentary: No alarm for U.S. as China, Venezuela cement ties Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

Meat supplier to fast-food giants raided Similarity: 0.91

Typhoon Rammasun death toll hits 33 in China Similarity: 0.45

China, Switzerland sign currency swap agreement Similarity: 0.44

Mother Refuses To Let Go Of Baby Killed In Road Accident Similarity: 0.40

RMB developing quickly as major world currency Similarity: 0.33

1 day after.

A quarter of McDonald's in China affected by 'rotten meat' scandal Similarity: 0.91

Interview: Venezuela sees China as development paradigm: analyst Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

Taiwan Plane Crash: Death Toll Rises To 48 Similarity: 0.67

3 days after.

McDonald's takes chicken off the menu in Hong Kong after food scandal Similarity: 0.89

4 days after.

Matmo sweeps East China Similarity: 0.91

Japanese traditional Bon Festival celebrated in Tokyo Similarity: 0.43

5 days after.

Beating the heat Similarity: 0.92

6 days after.

China gets wooden spoon for right-angled running track Similarity: 0.94

Toppled Crosses in China Spur Defiance Similarity: 0.30

7 days after.

China investigates Microsoft over monopoly worries Similarity: 0.88

'Dozens Killed' In China Terror Attack Similarity: 0.43

Hong Kong pro-democracy news site folds, citing pressure Similarity: 0.34

China's former security chief Zhou Yongkang under investigation Similarity: 0.33


فضيحة غذائية جديدة في الصين Similarity: 0.33


Kan Kina kun kopiere? Similarity: 0.51


McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut - Gammelfleisch-Skandal in China weitet sich immer mehr aus Similarity: 0.47

Umbau des ORF-Zentrums soll rund 300 Mio. kosten Similarity: 0.31


Aumentan a 33 muertes por tifón en China Similarity: 0.38


Chine : vidéo dans l'usine qui fournissait de la viande périmée à McDonald's et KFC Similarity: 0.47

McDonald's a toujours du mal à relancer ses ventes Similarity: 0.35


Vietnamban számos áldozata volt a trópusi viharnak Similarity: 0.37


China verwelkomt MH17-resolutie Similarity: 0.53

'Vluchtelingen Oekraïne aan lot overgelaten' Similarity: 0.42


Número vítimas do tufão Rammasun sobe para 150 Similarity: 0.42


Долг Китая превысил 250% ВВП страны Similarity: 0.32

Apple заказала рекордную партию новых iPhone Similarity: 0.30


Kavčič zapušča selektorsko klop in se seli na Kitajsko Similarity: 0.36


Så gör du succé på kinesisk affärsmiddag Similarity: 0.37

Man dog i böldpest - stad i karantän Similarity: 0.36


Çin'i Rammasun'un ardından Matmo tayfunu vuracak Similarity: 0.31

ABD ve Çin menşeli ürünlerin ithalatına soruşturma Similarity: 0.32

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