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Chinese man jailed for cutting off stepson's hand with a meat cleaver and boiling it so it could not be reattached by surgeons  da  de  es  fr  nl  ru  ar  bg  sv

Wang Xinyu, 31, met the boy's mother Xiao Shen just over a year ago and the pair had been looking at buying a flat together in Shenyang - a city in east China's Liaoning province.

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This cluster belong to the following story: At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Banking on babies Similarity: 0.87

Xi's South Korea tour greatly significant to bilateral ties, regional peace Similarity: 0.46

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Anti-graft organ to publicize inspections feedback Similarity: 0.87

Xi's ROK tour greatly significant to regional peace Similarity: 0.41

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China media: Germany ties Similarity: 0.91

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Currency and maritime disputes high on the agenda in US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue Similarity: 0.90

China marks war anniversary Similarity: 0.37

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US, China Vow to Improve Cooperation Similarity: 0.91

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China, US Discuss Economy, Cyber Security Similarity: 0.92

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China Tells Reporters to Work Within State Media Similarity: 0.90

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Summer in Shandong Province! Thousands pack onto the beach in Chinese city of Qingdao Similarity: 0.91

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Fall of China’s top anchor lifts veil on paid news racket Similarity: 0.91

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pays tribute to Japanese war dead during PNG visit Similarity: 0.33

Samsung Electronics finds evidence of suspected child labor at China supplier Similarity: 0.31

3 days after.

China June new bank loans beat expectations as Beijing steps on the gas Similarity: 0.89

Russian Foreign Minister: BRICS Stand Against Western Sanctions Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

China finds signs of oil at Paracel Islands Similarity: 0.85

Brics countries create $100bn bank to ease western grip on global finances Similarity: 0.32

China opposes interference in HK affairs by external forces: Commissioner's Office in HK Similarity: 0.40

5 days after.

GSK confirms it fired staff for corruption in China in 2001 Similarity: 0.88

IMF congratulates BRICS for new fund, offers help Similarity: 0.42

6 days after.

Watch: Reporter's Notebook: On the Hunt in China Similarity: 0.82

7 days after.

Footage shows wreckage after China bus crash Similarity: 0.84

Tensions affecting Japan business Similarity: 0.38

China bank funds Argentina development Similarity: 0.46


التلفزيون الصيني يعتبر جهاز آي فون تهديدا للامن القومي Similarity: 0.32


Послание от любимата надъхало Ромеро срещу Холандия Similarity: 0.31


Astrid Krag: Jeg har nok altid været socialdemokrat Similarity: 0.30

Vinder testkamp mod Hobro Similarity: 0.30


Aktien, Anleihen, Fonds: Die Anlagetipps der Woche Similarity: 0.36

Moderner Fünfkampf EM: EM-Gold für Schöneborn und Frauen-Team Similarity: 0.33

Erdrutschgefahr nach Unwetter: Haus evakuiert Similarity: 0.40


China consolidará su alianza comercial con América Latina Similarity: 0.43


L’iPhone accusé par un média chinois de menacer la sécurité nationale Similarity: 0.43


Michelle (17) beste wiskundemeisje Similarity: 0.31

CD&V en N-VA willen toelatingsproef voor nieuwe leraren Similarity: 0.30


Ватиканский банк обезглавлен Similarity: 0.31


Kinesisk kritik mot Apples Iphone Similarity: 0.42

Miljontals hackerangrepp på biobolag Similarity: 0.34

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