Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Abbas' Forces Break up Hamas Protest in West Bank  ar  de

Palestinian forces clash with Hamas loyalists in West Bank, latest sign unity deal in trouble

ABCnews 10:43:00 AM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: Egypt working to 'calm down' Israel and Hamas

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

Hamas holds the key Similarity: 0.90

6 days before.

Once US-Israel sacrosanct ties under severe strain Similarity: 0.89

4 days before.

Palestinian hunger strike passes 40-day mark Similarity: 0.78

3 days before.

Waiting for another Saladin? Similarity: 0.77

2 days before.

Pope urges Mid-East peace 'courage' Similarity: 0.71

1 day before.

After Failed Peace Talks, Israel Divided Similarity: 0.70

1 day after.

Reuven Rivlin elected Israel's president Similarity: 0.79

2 days after.

Strike in Jerusalem over jailed Palestinians Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

Massive search launched for 3 teens feared kidnapped in West bank Similarity: 0.73

4 days after.

Israeli teens missing in West Bank Similarity: 0.78

5 days after.

Youths 'no doubt' kidnapped by terrorists, PM says Similarity: 0.82

6 days after.

Israeli PM demands Abbas search help Similarity: 0.84

U.N. Appeals for Aid for Syria's Palestinians Similarity: 0.41

7 days after.

Israeli search for kidnapped youths turns into push against Hamas Similarity: 0.83


منظمات حقوقية تطالب بإعادة فتح البنوك في غزة Similarity: 0.38

ادخال 290 شاحنة عبر معبر ابو سالم اليوم Similarity: 0.31


Rivlin ist Israels neuer Präsident Similarity: 0.30

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