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Comatose Marmara wounded dies, raising casualty number to ten  tr

Ugur Suleyman Soylemez, 51, passes away after being in a coma for four years; news comes amid reports Turkey and Israel were about to finalize the terms of a formal settlement.

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

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Breaking the silence: inside the West Bank Similarity: 0.79

Cutting back on Ben-Gurion’s legacy Similarity: 0.55

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Rights group says video shows Israel killed two Palestinians unlawfully Similarity: 0.76

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Palestinian court gives jail term to exiled Fatah official Dahlan Similarity: 0.69

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Church Defaced in Israel Ahead of Pope Visit Similarity: 0.76

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Pope Francis visits Bethlehem, calls for Mideast settlement Similarity: 0.69

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Watch live: Pope Francis meets with Israeli leaders Similarity: 0.61

Turkish court seeks military arrests of Israelis over ship killings Similarity: 0.32

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Gaza's Hamas Government Says Ready to Step Aside Similarity: 0.45

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Pressure on FIFA to stop Israeli from obstructing Palestinian football Similarity: 0.83

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Abbas designates PM to head new Palestinian unity cabinet Similarity: 0.73

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Netanyahu backed Holocaust survivor for Israeli president Similarity: 0.71

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Palestinian Unity Government to Be Formed Monday Similarity: 0.76


Mavi Marmara baskınında 10. şehit Similarity: 0.45

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