Monday, May 5, 2014

Russian diplomat, Hamas political chief discuss Palestine national unity  ar  fr  nl

Russian presidential special envoy in the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov confirmed Russia's support to forthcoming formation of a united government headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

Abbas: Holocaust 'most heinous' Similarity: 0.72

Kerry: Israel risks becoming apartheid state Similarity: 0.41

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VIDEO: Inside West Bank cave-turned-home Similarity: 0.65

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Clashes erupt as IOF demolishes two homes in Aroub camp Similarity: 0.78

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Israeli Leader Pushes for Jewish State Legislation Similarity: 0.64

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Congressmen calling for freezing aid to intended Palestinian unity gov't Similarity: 0.65

2 days before.

550 food baskets distributed in Yarmouk Camp, aid delivery continues Similarity: 0.34

1 day before.

Israel gets in touch with its feminine side Similarity: 0.59

1 day after.

African immigrant leader enters Israeli detention center Similarity: 0.39

occupied Palestinian territory: The EU, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands make a €16.4 million contribution to the Palestinian Authority's payment of April salaries and pensions Similarity: 0.70

2 days after.

Obama aide Susan Rice to hold meetings in Israel Similarity: 0.40

Gaza's Hamas executes 2 alleged spies for Israel Similarity: 0.73

5 days after.

Israeli makeup artist creates pictures on eyes Similarity: 0.50

6 days after.

Israeli ties compromise Asian support to Arabs Similarity: 0.68

7 days after.

Palestinians hint at end to security pact with Israel unless settlement construction stops Similarity: 0.66


عباس يُطلع أمير قطر على تطورات اتفاق المصالحة Similarity: 0.36

الخضري يعلن محددات رفع الحصار عن غزة Similarity: 0.31


Israël : sept mineurs arrêtés pour des actes racistes anti-arabes Similarity: 0.35


Vader in brief aan politici: 'Dood 7 jongeren was vermijdbaar' Similarity: 0.30

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