Thursday, April 17, 2014

Freedom Denied: Palestinians decry detention  tr

Israel has detained an estimated 800,000 Palestinians in the occupied territories since 1967.

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

Israeli Minister Urges Netanyahu to Annex Settlements Similarity: 0.90

6 days before.

Israel sets Palestinian tax sanction Similarity: 0.90

Israel arrests settlers after attacks on security forces Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

People to People Diplomacy: Israelis and Palestinians sit down to try to make peace Similarity: 0.89

4 days before.

Reconciliation delegation arrives in Gaza next week Similarity: 0.79

Israel sets Palestinian tax sanction Similarity: 0.79

Ya’alon: Settlers can move into Hebron house Similarity: 0.40

3 days before.

3-hour Israel-PLO meeting ends Similarity: 0.91

2 days before.

Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to meet on Wednesday, U.S. says Similarity: 0.89

1 day before.

Elusive peace Similarity: 0.74

1 day after.

EU urges Israel to reverse West Bank moves Similarity: 0.88

2 days after.

Palestinians aim wrath at minister who condemned Passover murder of Israeli Similarity: 0.85

3 days after.

Israeli police block all entrances to Aqsa Mosque Similarity: 0.81

4 days after.

Rival Hamas and PLO to hold reconciliation meet Similarity: 0.88

5 days after.

Rival Palestinian factions to meet in Gaza Similarity: 0.89

6 days after.

Palestinians agree unity government aimed at ending political rift Similarity: 0.90

7 days after.

Palestinian territories profile Similarity: 0.86


İngiltere'den İsrail'e kınama Similarity: 0.31

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