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China auto sales growth slows in March  ar  de  pt  da  ru  sl

Growth in car sales in China decelerated in March from a 17.8 per cent surge in February due to a weakening economy.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Landslide kills 7 in north China Similarity: 0.88

Record railway trips on Tomb-Sweeping Day Similarity: 0.43

Searchers hoping pings come from lost Malaysian airliner Similarity: 0.36

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Taiwan protesters to end sit-in over China trade pact Similarity: 0.80

Rescuers Race to Save 22 Trapped Coal Miners in China Similarity: 0.33

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Hagel's Liaoning tour sign of China's transparency, confidence Similarity: 0.87

Chinese chicken cup fetches record £21m at auction Similarity: 0.44

Microsoft's deal to buy Nokia gets thumbs-up from China Similarity: 0.35

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Chinese vessels intensify efforts to locate black box Similarity: 0.81

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Chinese lending to Latin America: Flexible friends Similarity: 0.88

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US military presence in East Asia Similarity: 0.89

China's inflation edges up to 2.4 percent Similarity: 0.43

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Australia welcomes Chinese firms in building infrastructure Similarity: 0.86

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Hushen 300 Index ends lower Monday Similarity: 0.86

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U.S. China Film & TV industry expo coming to L.A. Similarity: 0.89

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Chinese tourists: Coming to a beach near you Similarity: 0.84

Mainland open to cross-Straits leaders summit: spokeswoman Similarity: 0.53

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Mythical beasts and voodoo worship: photographing pagan rituals in China Similarity: 0.91

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Long-term study in China determines that one-fifth of its farmland is polluted Similarity: 0.60

China jails four more New Citizens Movement activists Similarity: 0.45


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First foreign warship arrives in China for joint exercise Similarity: 0.88

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Rival car makers roll out top models at Auto China show Similarity: 0.92


الصين ترفض تحذيرات صندوق النقد الدولي بشأن اقتصادها Similarity: 0.36


Ngo-grupper: Klimarapport viser fordele - ikke ulemper Similarity: 0.36


Laut Weltklimarat lässt sich Erderwärmung bremsen Similarity: 0.35

Monatelange Spionage - Cyber-Attacke auf deutsches Raumfahrtzentrum: Steckt China dahinter? Similarity: 0.34


Inflação é a maior preocupação de investidores Similarity: 0.40

Pelo menos 15 feridos em descarrilamento de comboio no nordeste da China Similarity: 0.38

Governos têm até 2030 para começar a reduzir emissões e evitar aquecimento catastrófico do planeta Similarity: 0.30

Presidente Conselho Ética: «Andámos a fingir que éramos ricos e a receitar a mais» Similarity: 0.32


Военные в Славянске означают, что Путин начал войну - российская оппозиция Similarity: 0.31

В Китае поезд сошел с рельсов: 15 пострадавших Similarity: 0.33

МИД РФ: Лавров обсудит в Китае визит Путина в страну в этом году Similarity: 0.34


Baterije črnih skrinjic so se iztrošile; nova teorija o izginotju letala Similarity: 0.31

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