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THE rise of China has changed every region. But it has reinforced patterns, too. China’s demand for commodities has entrenched Latin America’s position as a supplier of raw materials. The country guzzles oil from Venezuela and Ecuador, copper from Chile, soyabeans from Argentina, and iron ore from....

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This cluster belong to the following story: At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

China in economic growth boost Similarity: 0.90

Ma Yun's firm enters financial IT market Similarity: 0.32

Gunmen abduct Chinese tourist from a Malaysian resort before escaping by sea Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

China stocks close higher Friday Similarity: 0.89

Xi calls for persistent afforestation efforts Similarity: 0.42

5 days before.

Tombs of notable foreigners in China Similarity: 0.79

Taiwan second to Russia at Moscow invention fair Similarity: 0.50

5.4-magnitude earthquake jolts China Similarity: 0.42

Huawei and China Daily inks corperation Similarity: 0.34

Report: Chinese ship hears pulse signal in south Indian Ocean Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Landslide kills 7 in north China Similarity: 0.91

Record railway trips on Tomb-Sweeping Day Similarity: 0.38

Searchers hoping pings come from lost Malaysian airliner Similarity: 0.37

3 days before.

Taiwan protesters to end sit-in over China trade pact Similarity: 0.86

Rescuers Race to Save 22 Trapped Coal Miners in China Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Hagel's Liaoning tour sign of China's transparency, confidence Similarity: 0.84

Chinese chicken cup fetches record £21m at auction Similarity: 0.47

Microsoft's deal to buy Nokia gets thumbs-up from China Similarity: 0.35

1 day before.

Chinese vessels intensify efforts to locate black box Similarity: 0.79

1 day after.

US military presence in East Asia Similarity: 0.91

China's inflation edges up to 2.4 percent Similarity: 0.40

2 days after.

Australia welcomes Chinese firms in building infrastructure Similarity: 0.89

3 days after.

China auto sales growth slows in March Similarity: 0.88

Emergent measures taken to ensure safe water supply in Lanzhou Similarity: 0.34

4 days after.

Hushen 300 Index ends lower Monday Similarity: 0.87

5 days after.

U.S. China Film & TV industry expo coming to L.A. Similarity: 0.89

6 days after.

Chinese tourists: Coming to a beach near you Similarity: 0.81

Mainland open to cross-Straits leaders summit: spokeswoman Similarity: 0.64

7 days after.

Mythical beasts and voodoo worship: photographing pagan rituals in China Similarity: 0.89


Olsen roser Eriksen for de rigtige forsider Similarity: 0.35

Regningerne hober sig op hos de ældre: flere og flere havner i RKI Similarity: 0.31

Arbejdspres og fyringer skyld i jobcenterkrise Similarity: 0.31

12:25 Forsvarsaftale fjerner Forsvarskommandoen Similarity: 0.30

Facebook tvinger dig nu over på anden app Similarity: 0.30


China lehnt Konjunkturstimuli ab Similarity: 0.60

Märkte: Für IWF ist Griechenland auf richtigem Weg Similarity: 0.41

Vileda: So werden Sie in Zukunft Ihre Wohnung putzen Similarity: 0.37

Motorprobleme: BMW ruft mehr als 156.000 Autos in den USA zurück Similarity: 0.35

Powell bis Ende 2014 gesperrt Similarity: 0.40


Las exportaciones chinas caen por segundo mes consecutivo Similarity: 0.46


Wall Street ouvre sans entrain, après des chiffres mondiaux contrastés Similarity: 0.33


Új időszak következhet a plázák építésében Magyarországon Similarity: 0.36

Felborult egy busz, legalább nyolc iskolás meghalt Similarity: 0.44


Chinese export krimpt onverwacht Similarity: 0.47


Importante prêmio de cinema chinês se recusa a consagrar filme e diretor Similarity: 0.39

IAPMEI paga 81,5 ME de incentivos às empresas no 1.º trimestre Similarity: 0.32


«Газовые маневры»: Китай не заменит Европу Similarity: 0.36


Vlada sprejela 10 sklopov ukrepov za gospodarsko rast Similarity: 0.31

Ljubljanski BTC novo domovanje urbanih čebel Similarity: 0.31


Ingen kinaseglats för Götheborg Similarity: 0.60


Borsaya Fed dopingi Similarity: 0.30

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